Virtual Tours From Around the World - Personalized and one on one or a group - Explore through Amazon

Some things you probably didn't get to do during 2020 and 2021 due to quarantines and mandates about travel... but you could do through live, interactive tours with a host in the locale you wish you could visit.

Get up-close with wild animals in Costa Rica at the Toucan Rescue Ranch

Haunted History of Chicago: A Virtual Walking Tour

Singapore's Forbidden Hill: The Secrets of Fort Canning

Munich: the city of Churches, palaces and beer gardens

A stroll through the markets of Venice

Virtually learn about the history at Sensoji in Tokyo


I was browsing Amazon today and happened across "Explore Amazon" - which was new to me.  As I read through the process, I decided it was a really great fit for the Budget blog as they are affordable, budget friendly personalized tours over your computer.

It's a one-way video, two-way audio tour so you are watching, seeing, listening and interacting with your tour host but you aren't on video so you can enjoy your tour in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch.


In many of the private sessions, you can purchase souvenirs through your host.  They can ship them to you directly after your session.

If you choose to do a private tour, you can let your host know if something is of interest and you'd like them to linger a bit longer, if something could just be skipped or if you see something interesting you would like them to change direction and get a better view of.

You can snap photos of your tour experience as if you were there - just use the camera icon on your screen.



The experiences are friendly and casual so you can feel free to tell your host what you are interested in, make comments, ask questions and even browse for gifts with many of them.


Explore experiences by region

Note:  You will need a laptop or desktop computer, as it won't work on your phone or tablet.  And be sure you have a working microphone - the one built into your computer is fine.  You'll also need to be sure your speakers are working or use headphones.  High speed internet works best - be sure you have a minimum of 5 mbps.

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