My 'homemade' tablet (ereader) 'book' cover: looks like a real book but it's really my Samsung Galaxy ereader with a Kindle app on it

Homemade vintage book looking tablet ereader cover
Looks like a book - it's really my Samsung Galaxy tablet


Years ago, my husband got me a Samsung Galaxy tablet.  At the time I went into a Best Buy store and bought a cover for it at random - not realizing there were certain styles and sizes that only worked with certain brands or sizes but I got lucky and basically, it fit.  I loved it because it looked similar to a travel journal - it wasn't a cover that screamed out "I'm an electronic device!"

I used this cover for years and years and it was well worn and loved (remember the Velveteen Rabbit and how fur was loved off through the years?  That.)  

But I desperately needed a new cover as it was worn so thin on the edges it was almost ready to rip and the outside was so worn, the fabric was threadbare in places.   I went online to find another of 'my' covers only to find out they were no longer available.  Sadly, nothing close to it was available - which was ok because I had a second choice. 

I wanted a cover that looked like a real book. 

I went online and found some at Amazon but after a while my head was swimming with the conflicting information on sizes.   There are SO MANY different tablets and readers available now than ever before, and they are all different sizes.  The problem is that my tablet is OLD so it's not even listed.  I had the exact measurements of my device but even that got confusing as the exact item by two or three different sellers found some saying it would fit and others saying it would not.  When I found reviewers that had my exact item and I knew it would fit and work... the seller didn't have the style cover I wanted or would be happy with.

Finally one day I just decided to make my own.

It was simple really.

The most difficult part was just finding a book that was the right size, that I was willing to part with.

It just so happened, we had a random book that I had bought about 15 years ago that wasn't good and I hadn't read it since.  No one had opened it in 14 years and I have no idea why we even still had it other than it got shoved into a moving box when we moved and never 'donated' anywhere.

It was the perfect size.  

I used an exacto-knife and a razor blade to simply slice the book from the cover down either side of the spine (on the inside).  This left me with the hardcover (and the book is still readable if I wish - it's just a binded book of pages with no cover.)

➨Originally I thought I'd have to put a large piece of Velcro on the back of my tablet and adhere another piece on the inside of the back book cover to attach my tablet but on second thought, I decided to use my current tablet cover and just glue that to the book cover.  (THIS IS AN IDEA FOR ANY READERS THAT DON'T HAVE AN OLD COVER TO WORK WITH).

Because I still had my old, worn cover, I just glued it to the inside of the book cover!

If any readers decide to do this here are some helps:

1)  Test the size of the cover not only for height and width but the thickness as well.  It can't be a short, skinny little 200 page book if your tablet/kindle/reader is thicker than the spine of the book.

2)  I first tried to use a soft-cover book!  The first book I found that was the correct size was a soft cover, which I thought would be fine.  I removed the book and glued it to the tablet cover but the glue was not drying well and the spine stayed soggy and started to soak through the cover.  I used it for about a week and wasn't happy with it so I ripped it off and cut off the parts that were already dried solid.  That's why there is a bit of leftover paper on the edge of my tablet cover in the photos.  USE A HARD COVER not a soft-cover.

3)  I used superglue and wood glue first thinking they would be the strongest but surprise - they weren't.  They only lasted about a week or so before they were dried and popping off.  I then used a SPRAY ADHESIVE and it's worked perfectly.  I've been using my tablet daily for about a month and the adhesive is still absolutely perfect and holding well. 


If you like the idea of a 'real' book cover for your ereader or tablet but you aren't sure you want to go through the hassle of making one or you know you don't have a book that will fit, there are many options on Amazon;  here are just 3 but there are tons more as well.  All different styles, including many with fake 'titles'.

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