Homemade Quiet Books for Children: The post I forgot to post back in 2017/2018 but here it is! Lots of felt pages.


Back when I was posting regularly on BudgetBarbie.com, I had many photos of projects in my computer files and a lot of great ideas but life got busy and they were forgotten or pushed aside for "someday".

This is one of those.

Remember the fad of "quiet books"?  Those homemade felt books that Moms online everywhere were making for their little ones to use in 'quiet' places where you wanted to keep them occupied without noise?  (Mainly church.)  They were hugely popular for a few years but like all social media fads, they were falling out of the spotlight by 2017 and 2018.

I had no intention of making any but then realized with all the cross country car trips I was making with little ones, this would be a great addition to the items I kept in the car for those numerous 9-10 hour drives back and forth.

I looked online and found some patterns but also made up ideas for pages of my own.  Even when I found 'patterns' I almost never followed them as I tend to view patterns and recipes and instructions as... a guide or maybe an idea to work with.

At the time (in 2017 or 2018?) I started to whip up some random pages using mostly felt, but I also walked through the craft aisle of Walmart and picked up some random buttons, a little thread, some ribbon and a few other items I thought I might use.

I also already had a plastic bin full of 'bits and bobs' from over the years that ended up coming in handy has I picked up pieces of what-not and stared at them, imagining what I could make it into.

In the end, I made enough pages to make two books and took a few pictures of the pages as they were coming along...

And then promptly forgot about posting anything... and never did.


Random pages I was making at the time (2017 or 2018) for a Quiet Book

(And an update 2021 at the end)

Learning to tie... a soccer cleat

Learning to zip up and down - a jacket with little pockets

This one is decorating cookies with frosting and sprinkles

You can remove the frosting and sprinkles and take the cookies off/on the pan

A mixing bowl and ingredients to make cupcakes (added cupcakes - see 2021 update)

This page was hugely popular (surprised me) - a little mirror and comb

Match the socks!

The bugs were hiding on and under leaves; attached with string through the back.

Another hugely popular page; the itsy bitsy spider and removable rain cloud

One of my favorite pages; the ocean with hidden mermaids and grass for the sea creatures to hide

These are car/train/plane buttons strung on yarn to slide back and forth

A paper farm set I found at dollar tree that I cut up and repurposed to the quiet book with velcro pieces

And then I put the photos in a draft file folder... for over 3 years.


Time jump to 2021.

I saw the photos (above) and decided to give life to them on the blog perhaps as an 'inspiration' post to anyone wanting to make a quiet book.  

When it came to finishing off the pages, I didn't need them to look perfect (the toddlers I was making them for certainly did NOT care what they looked like).  I just wanted to get the books finished so I used bias tape in various colors, folded them around the felt pages and sewed them fast (and sloppy).

I had to make a cover of some sort so I used pieces of cardboard and dug through some really old (ugly... ha ha) fabric that had not seen the light of day in over 15 years and used it to cover the front and pack cardboard pieces.

Finally, I had to think of a way to hook them all together and 'bind' them so to speak.

I played around with pieces of fabric and other items and just brainstormed; finally decided to use a long piece of fabric and sew each felt page onto the long strip, leaving a little space between each page for easy turning by little hands.

The end of the story:  These books have been used and used and used (and used some more) by 3 little boys so far and the 4th little boy is almost old enough to be introduced to them.  Considering two of those 3 little ones are known to destroy books in the blink of an eye, you can see how awesome felt and sewing holds up to destructive little snips and snails and puppy dog tails... (little boys).

These books lived in the car for about 2 years straight and were tossed, played with, stepped on, squished and used more times than I can count.  They held up very well.  Little things have been snapped, pulled or a few pieces lost but for the most part they are still in great shape and ready to last through as many children as need be.

I don't have photos of all pages (there are a LOT) in two (2) books but here are a few - taken just now, prior to posting.  (2021)

Hidden animal creatures in the trees, in the stump, etc.; attached with string through the backs to not get lost.


One of the books covered in old unused fabric circa 2002 I think (?)  Ha ha.  Little kids don't care what they look like!


Counting....  the beads slide back and forth on the string for counting.  A row of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.


A finished view of the ocean scene...  almost 4 years and 3 kids later.


The finished soccer shoe for tying (adults like this page more than kids... FYI)


This page is hugely popular with the little ones (all three boys with a 4th using it soon) and has been broken 3 or 4 times from use.  The yarn is easy to replace and thread the vehicle buttons back on.


Hidden bugs... you can see thread is used to keep the insect and bug buttons attached.  The little bags I found at the dollar store years ago and put in the craft box.  They came in handy on a number of pages.


These were little cardboard playhouse sets I found at the dollar store years ago.  They were actually made to stand up and be little structures.  I cut them apart and used them to make a 'flat' book page and put pieces of velcro on the pieces so they could place things like animals, straw, a tractor, etc.

I also bought a house version, castle version and a pirate version.  The house and pirate were used in the books.


A view of the simple binding I decided on.  A long strip of fabric, which I sewed to each page with space between.  The entire book is 'closed' with another piece of fabric across the front that attaches to the velcro strip you see here.

I really didn't have any 'plan' when I started out making these pages. I just went to the craft store and bought a bunch of things I thought I might use. If you are interested in looking at Amazon instead of your local craft store, you are welcome to start your search with one of my links. 





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