Cleaning sticky black rubber handles.... (cleaning my Magellan Multi-Tool rubber handles)

I keep a few various tools in my purse (which is actually a backpack, because I don't carry a purse) but the point being I carry some small tools and one of those is my Magellan multi-tool.  I've owned it for a number of years now and even though it lives in my backpack full time, it's old enough now that the black rubber has gotten that horrible 'sticky' feeling and I hate to even touch it, much less use it.  

However, it's one of those things I always forget I want to take care of... until I use it again and have to touch it and remember I wanted to clean it.

This past weekend I was cleaning and organizing my backpack and when I grabbed my multi-tool, I once AGAIN was frustrated at how gross and sticky it felt.  Rubber does this as it ages and most black rubber handles at some point get sticky but I've also heard people complain of other rubber items getting that awful sticky feeling.

Well, it's pretty easy to clean.  

Note however; you will be rubbing off the sticky coating, which means any writing, stampings, logo or even serial numbers, etc. that are inked onto the rubber may rub off.  If you need those numbers or that logo remembered for anything, take a picture before you clean it just in case it rubs off with the sticky layer.

All you need is some alcohol and something to wipe it on with.  I used a cotton ball but you could use a little piece of fabric or something as well.


 Saturate the cotton ball and start rubbing the rubber handle.

It won't be smooth right away - you'll have to keep rubbing gently back and forth
until you get the sticky layer off.

Note how it was turning a chalky gray as I was rubbing it.
Once the sticky layer is gone, it starts to get shiny black and smooth.

You can see the little bits of black rubber on the cotton ball as well as my fingers, nails and
my hands.  That's all the sticky coating that rubbed off.
Once it's smooth and clean... you're done.

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