Cheap phone case with a power button that won't let you press it? How I solved it by making my own button!

A couple years ago I ordered a couple cheap phone cases on Amazon.  One of them was the one I decided to go with but it had a flaw.  It had a power button cover, but was a cheap Chinese case and frankly; the button couldn't work when the case was on.
If you don't use the power button often it might not matter but I use mine to screenshot photos because our family primarily uses snapchat, not text and it's the fastest way to save the photos my kids/husband send.  (Screenshot:  press power and home at the same time.)  
With this new case, and it's bad design/manufacture, the power button couldn't be pressed.
Not a big deal.
I just cut out the plastic around where the power button was, and made my own.
I didn't give it a lot of thought and I didn't take my time, trying to precise or anything.  I didn't care what it looked like, I just needed it to work! So in a matter of a few minutes I had solved the problem of a case that didn't allow the power button to be pressed.
This could also be done for the volume buttons I suppose as well, although on this case, the volume button covers were fine for functionality.    
  • Use a razor or x-acto knife to cut the plastic case around the power button.  You can be more precise than I was by going nice and slow, but I just wanted it done.
  • Now you need a hard piece of 'something' to be your button presser.  The width of a simple Q-tip is the exact size to fit into the hole between the case opening the phone button.  So I used a Q-tip and cut it to the length of the power button opening.

Depending on how far down the power button is on your case, you may have to use something for the Q-tip to press down on.  You can make this with hot glue.   

Note:  I tried stacking two pieces of Q-tip but the top one always fell out too easily.  The bit of hot glue held in place better.
  • Use a hot glue gun and draw a few lines on foil, roughly the width of the q-tip.
  • Don't worry about length, just pull it about an inch or couple centimeters, you'll trim it to size.

When the hot glue hardens (about a minute or so) you just cut a couple to the length you need and see which one is the best fit to the width and length of the q-tip piece that you've already fit to size for the cellphone case opening.

When you have one that is a good match, pop either the q-tip or the glue bit into the opening first so it's laying against the power button (sometimes depending on how precise your cut is, they fit best with the q-tip on the bottom, other times with it on top). 
Now top with the hot glue plastic piece.  If you've trimmed them both to size, it should fit perfectly down into the case opening and be roughly the same height as your case.  If it falls out, then you've cut it a bit short, just cut a new piece a smidgen longer and try again.

My first 'fake' button was in place for over two years and I only made a new one as the glue was looking a bit gray and ugly after 2 years.  I just made a new fake button with a new piece of hot glue and new piece of Q-tip.  This one has been used about 3 or 4 months now and still looks and works great!


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