Our cream colored sectional - a small space sized sectional from Serta

I thought I'd take a second to explain why this photo looks a little off and grainy (?).  Funny actually.
I had a long list of things I needed to get done, and writing a review on this sofa wasn't one of them.  However, the local power company was outside the front of the house, on the main road, trimming trees around the power lines.  And they knicked something or other, and all the homes in the neighborhood lost power. 

Not a big deal, I stopped what I was working on online and decided to make something for dinner later that evening.  Um, nope. Don't open the freezer or refrigerator; not sure how long power will be out.  Lunch?  Nope. No power, so no stove or microwave.  Laundry!  Uh, power.

I looked at my list and everything I felt like doing involved electricity; but the things that didn't involve electricity were not things I wanted to do (like start prepping the basement level or bathroom or laundry room for painting!)

So, I took my cell phone, went upstairs to the (dark) loft area; and took a photo of the new sectional I had just put together.  The room is dark as it's in the center of the house, so I used the flash on my phone to snap a quick photo.

That's why this photo is such awesome quality!  Ha ha.


Another furniture post!  Yes.  Because we again gave some of our furniture to another one of our kids!  Ha ha.

When we moved into our current home, there was an open area at the top of the stairs that we called "the loft" and decided to put a tv up there along with some simple bookshelves to hold movies and games.  This room wasn't going to be used much and we didn't want to spend any time or money on it so one of my daughter's and I went out shopping, saw a nice black leather futon and bought that for the room.  I added a simple gray and white, some black and white throw pillows and some cheap black bookcases; and there it was for the next few years.

Pretty much forgotten and used actually as most everyone went upstairs to grab a movie but then watched it downstairs in the family room on the big screen tv.

Recently another child of ours was married and moved into their first home.  We donated to cause - gladly!  And it worked out fabulous that the basement of the new home had recently been refinished with neutral gray walls, dark wood floors and best yet?  Black ceiling tiles instead of the typical (and boring white).  Our black leather futon, the bookshelves, coffee table and rugs would go perfectly in their basement 'man cave' which gave me the chance to finally update this area for the first time in over 8 years!


And that is why I went online last week and searched for a simple, small, affordable sectional in a light color for this space.

What I found was a sectional with the dimensions of 57.5 x 80 x 36 inches which was perfect for the small space I had to work with!   I opted for this one: Serta Harmon Sectional,  in cream

Product Description from Amazon (where I purchased it)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Ideal for comfortable seating in small spaces
  • Contemporary design to suit any decor
  • Upholstered in soft microfiber fabric
  • Sturdy design supported with quality hardwood materials
  • Easy assembly required; tools included

It was SO FAST to put together.  It comes in one box and all I needed to do was attach the legs by simply screwing them into the already drilled holes, fold up the back piece of the sofa (you can see in the photo) and decide which side I wanted the 'L' of the sectional to be on and put the cushions in place accordingly.

This sectional has pros and cons.

I love the size.
I love the firm cushions.
I love the color.
I love how easy it was to set up.
I love how light it is for ease of moving, lifting to straighten the rug, etc.

Now the cons...

It's not really durable if you expect it to have really heavy use. Kids jumping on it would probably break the frame.  I lifted one end to move it onto the newly laid rug and felt like it was 'twisting' so the frame is very, very 'simple'.
The frame doesn't feel as durable to me as most heavier furniture I would use in a living room but seems fine as long as you aren't jumping on it and moving it all the time.
The fabric is 'magnetic' when it comes to attracting strings, fuzz and other little do-dads.

My overall thought on this purchase is that it's perfect for the space I need it for.  I don't anticipate many people using it since it's in an upstairs loft area that that is 'walked through' more than used.

It DOES come in other colors, which would be much easier to keep clean if that is a concern of yours!  The darker colors are beautiful and there are many, many colors to choose from.

I love this sectional for a college dorm room, a first apartment or a small area or living room of a single person, a young couple, a man living on his own or an older person.  Basically, just not for a big family with a lot of rambunctious kids as I really just don't see how it would last long with a lot of really heavy everyday use that kids bring to a home.  :)

 The exact one I bought - from Amazon

Serta Harmon Sectional, Cream

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