I bought the "Sunrise Coast Amadora Faux-Leather Sofa, Burnt Caramel" from Amazon....

Just recently I purchased the Sunrise Coast Amadora Faux Leather Sofa, which I found on Amazon after a LOT of searching!  

I wasn't looking for that particular brand or furniture name, I was simply trying desperately to find a couch that matched as close as possible to a real leather sofa, chair and loveseat set we had purchased in 2002 from Ashley.

The real leather furniture set was great quality, expensive, and absolutely wonderful!  So wonderful that 15 years later we gave it to our oldest daughter and her new husband for their home and they used it for a few years... and it was STILL so wonderful that when they sold their home to relocate with his job, the buyer made it part of the purchase agreement that she absolutely had to have the couch (sofa) and chair that was still in the house as it was being shown.  (Our daughter and her husband needed something to sit on in their 'new' home so they had taken the loveseat with them - leaving the chair and sofa along with an ottoman, in the house for showing and marketing.)  

They wanted to say NO!  As it was not only part of a SET and they already had the loveseat at their new home, but also because it was furniture that had been in our family for 20 years.  Our daughter had grown up with this furniture and everyone anticipated having it in our family for at least another 20 more!  

Our 'old' real leather chair they had to sell with the house to appease the buyer
But our daughter and her husband had already relocated with his job, they had double house payments, and really, really wanted to just sell the home and be done with it.  So they agreed (through clenched teeth) and gave up the sofa and chair.  

During the discussion process I told her that I would 'gift' them a replacement couch to match their set as close as possible... and so for Christmas/Birthday this year, I was on a search for the closest, yet affordable, sofa I could find to match the real leather Ashley furniture we had purchased new in 2002.

I wanted to show the "OLD" (real leather) furniture I was trying to match... it took me forever to find a photo of it in our old photo files!  But I finally did.  The chair (above) and the loveseat and sofa/couch is in the background of the photo below.  But you can see the fat rolled arms, the style of leather, the style of cushion as well as the little bun feet.

Our real leather furniture in the background of this old photo

After a week long search I found one that closely resembled the real leather Ashley Furniture set... and was totally affordable.

(These photos are from the Amazon listing where I purchased it)


The throw pillows are pretty horrendous... but you can easily buy slipcovers for those to match your own house decor and colors.


  • 3-person couch
  • Weathered faux-leather upholstery
  • Wide, padded, rolled arms
  • Removable seat and back cushions
  • Elegant nailhead trim
  • Sturdy bun-style feet
  • 2 decorative pillows included
  • Arrives fully assembled


  • The first thing to note is this is one of the only versions that had the 'shiny' leather look, which we needed!  We own a very similar style but in a softer, brushed leather look - which would not have matched as well.  
  • Second, the bun feet, the fatter/wider arm rolls and the nailheads were perfect.
  • Third, it's cleanable.  Since we own a similar style made from the same microfiber blend to resemble leather, I know from experience that I can use a damp cloth or a bit of mild soap to get out a spill that had dried.


Amazon offered 3 styles of delivery.  They offer full white-glove where they bring it into the room you need it.  They also offer 'inside the door' service or the basic delivery that said they would deliver to the first 'safe, dry, covered' area. It specifically stated that a covered porch or open garage was a good example.

Since I was shipping this to my daughter and they live where they get snow, ice and rain, I asked her if I should do the 'inside the door' and she said no, on the front, covered porch would be fine.  This was free and also the fastest option.

I placed the order...

And when I got my order confirmation it listed the delivery company Amazon was using.
I then googled the delivery company... and my heart fell into my stomach. I knew we would probably have issues.

There were hundreds (thousands?) of reviews on all different forums and websites and review sites... but I had a hard time finding any good reviews.  Damaged items, missing deliveries, deliveries to the wrong address, deliveries marked "DELIVERED" with NO PRODUCT anywhere to be seen.  No customer service, poor customer services, lies about where the furniture was, when it would be delivered, lies about attempted deliveries when the customer was home waiting and watching... the list went on.

Nothing I could do about it so we just had to wait.

Surprisingly, the couch was delivered FAST.  Thanks in part to the state and city it was being delivered to.  Had it in been other parts of the country I suspect we would have had more issues.

However, there were a couple issues.  The first is that neither she nor I got a delivery notice.

Because Amazon uses a 3rd party delivery service instead of the typical UPS or FEDEX, I never received notification it had been delivered (until about 1 1/2 days LATER when Amazon marked it delivered on my order history).

My daughter found out it had been delivered when her neighbors came to her to ask her if she was waiting on a couch delivery?  Ummm, yes?

Apparently the wife was going to leave the house, and as she backed into their driveway, she saw a couch had been delivered to their house, and left.  No one had rang the doorbell or let them know a delivery had been made.  It was also a few houses down from our daughters... not even 'close' to the correct house.

THANK GOODNESS FOR HONEST PEOPLE!  They could have had a free couch.

The couch didn't weigh as much as anyone anticipated.  My daughter was able to 'push' it across the wet grass and slippery leaves to get it down to her house.  Later, her husband helped get it into the house when got home from work.

Although the box had holes in it, the only damage to the actual couch was underneath, where there was a hole in the fabric lining the underside, where the bun feet are stored for delivery.

YAY!  It looked great!

The color is a brown, burnt caramel color, just as stated.
The faux leather is a more shiny style, not the brushed soft leather that is typical of this fabric.
It is sturdy and pretty and the cushions are very, very firm - which is good because once it gets some use by her little family (children!) it will be broke in just fine... but still be firm enough for comfortable sitting.

We are THRILLED with it.  Sorry I don't have a good photo of it in her home... this was snapped from a video she was sending me. But you can see the back of the couch as well, which wasn't featured in the Amazon listing.

This was taken as soon as the couch had been unpacked.....

I give this sofa a thumbs UP.

I do have concerns about the third party shipping they use, which might be hit or miss - mostly depending on where you live I think.  But it worked out well for us.

And even if their 'buyer' demanded the furniture with the house and we had to give up beloved furniture in order to make the sale, at least we found a great replacement.

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