Framed "heart" and "state" prints - showing the states we've lived with little hearts on the cities

The frame in these photos is one I bought early on in our marriage, years and years ago.  I've attempted to use it in many of our homes, in many different ways, but there is only one of our previous homes (out of five) that it really looked happy and in the place it was meant to be.  In the other homes it just didn't go with the decor or style at the time.

Luckily the farmhouse and rustic look is 'in' again and I was able to drag it out of my bedroom storage closet and try to decide how to use it... this time.

I tried various family photos but it just wasn't working for me.  Another issue is that in our current home, the walls are often at angles or have windows taking up a large portion of them and there just isn't a good spot for it.

But this wall had an empty space above the window, right above a matching farmhouse table, so I decided I had found the space...  but needed something different to fill the frames.

I've always loved art, printables and pillows, etc. that feature your home state with the little heart(s) to represent the cities where you've lived.  I've always loved them... but never owned anything as such.

I started to look at some ideas online and realized I could easily make my own!

Finding a silhouette image of your home state online is fairly easy.

I then opened the image up in a simple (free) paint program and added a little white heart shape, followed by the text editor to insert the state.

We've lived in five states so far, and my frame had five openings so it fit perfectly and was so quick and easy!

I simply printed them off on my home computer, (using card stock) cut to size and framed.

Using my own frame and cardstock I already had pieces of in the cupboard, this was my zero cost framed 'state' print and I love them.

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