Using Krylon ColorMaster spray paint on old vases to repurpose into a rustic and twine cream vases!

Just a quick fly-by post here as I'm busy doing a lot of crafts, fix-its, repairs, maintenance, cooking, etc but I admit; I'm failing miserably at keeping up with my websites! 

This is a spur-of-the-moment 'quick' craft I did as I'm slowly trying to update our home to more neutral colors... without actually having a budget to work with!

Originally these vases were a set of 3 I bought on clearance at Kirklands many years ago - back when that whole 'Tuscany' look was popular and the shiny lacquered look in spicy reds, dark greens and blacks with gold accents was the perfect accent to my matching rugs.  I think I donated those rugs almost 7 years ago but I've kept the vases around knowing that someday I'd use them....  and that day came last month!

I already had paint leftover from the brown hutch I refinished, as well as the tall floor vase I spray painted as well.  Now, it was time to do the vases.

To finish them off, it just so happened I bought a few sets of 3- galvanized and chalkboard planters on clearance from Lowe's and in the packaging was some burlap they used to wrap around the planter stakes and chalk that came with the set.  I had the burlap pieces sitting on the counter so I grabbed them, wrapped them around the top of the vases and added a bit of twine from the 'junk' drawer.  I love the simple cream and burlap/twine look!

Burlap is pretty cheap so even if you have to buy a roll of burlap ribbon at Michaels or the Dollar Store it won't cost much and you only need a bit so you can save the rest for another craft.  OR if you've made a burlap wreath, you might already have some on hand.  If you don't - you can also wrap the twine around numerous times to cover the neck of the vase with it.  Another popular look.

I like Rust-o-leum spray paint but I had Krylon on hand which worked great for this project.

This is a photo from the snapchat I sent my 2 daughters to show them the painted vases...  hence the caption on the picture!  Ha ha.

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