"BEACH" - turning an old piece of rustic, reclaimed pallet wood into a beach sign

I'm not at home right now or I'd have a great "AFTER" photo to show of this rustic and vintage looking "BEACH" sign as it hangs on our wall.  However, I have photos on my computer of the process and I decided to update my site using whatever I happened to have 'on hand' in my computer.

Much like beach signs!  If you've vacationed or traveled to the beach... not the high end, hoity toity nose-in-the-air resorts, but a location where the people are real; houses and shacks are lived in and things are legit, you will find people make do with what's on hand.  It's what gives the beach the honest laid back, slow down and use what you got attitude. 

THAT is what is so awesome about making a beach sign. 

Use what you have... and make sure it doens't look too new or it's going to look as fake as the nails on the hoity-toity perfectly coiffed young woman checking you into your over-priced resort suite.

When we moved into our home, it had set unoccupied for almost 2 years.  While doing some scouting around the property I found a partially submerged old pallet in the small creek.  I pulled it out, thrilled!  While my husband saw... an old, gray, half rotten pallet.  I saw potential.

And over the past couple years I've used pieces of that old pallet for things like a garden planter, 3 glass votive candle holders and this beach sign.

The first thing I did was use my foot to press it down into place on one end while I sawed and pulled up on the other to get a piece broke/cut off.  I didn't want a clean cut.  I wanted it to look rustic to match the rest of it.

Then I dug through the kitchen junk drawer to see what old craft paints we had laying around.  I found a couple blues, some white, a black, a silver, a green.  Cool.  These will do.

I had some leftover stencils from my "Oh Holy Night" Christmas banner I had made a few years ago, so used the letters to spell out B E A C H and brushed some paint on.  Then went back and dry brushed again with a different shade of paint.  I mixed and matched as I wanted the old, used look.

After I spelled out BEACH I put a tiny bit of white craft paint on an old brush and dabbed a few lines here and there to give the effect of highlights and to make the letters stand out a bit and not lay quite so... flat.

I wanted to put an arrow on the sign, like you would see on a beach sign on the side of a side road, pointing the way but after I attempted one, I hated it...  so I quickly ran my piece of wood under water to wash and scrub away the not-quite-right arrow.

To finish it off I staple gunned two metal 'pop tops' from energy drinks on the back and tied on a piece of rustic twine.  I hung the sign above a family photo we took... at the beach.

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