Spray Painting a Cheap Brown Hutch into a Cream Colored Hutch for the Dining Room - Thrift Shop Find

I'm not someone who enjoys shopping.  I just have other things I'd rather be doing.  So when one of my daughters wanted me to go to a large thrift store with her a few months ago, I went; but I didn't have anything in mind that I was actually going to look for.  Books maybe... but that's it.

Then I spied this hutch on the floor and for some reason, I liked it.

Which is totally out of character for me.  Because I don't usually care about furniture pieces, I don't like extra 'things' in my house taking up space, I didn't have a place in mind for it and I do not like refinishing furniture.  I hate refinishing furniture actually.

But when I tried to walk away, I stopped and looked back at it again.

And again.  And finally, I walked over and looked at the price tag.  $14.99.

Hmm.  Fifteen bucks.  So if I got it, and hated it, or messed it up somehow, it's not like I would be out a lot of money.

So I bought it.  I decided I wanted it to be an off-white color - vintage, creamy white - not perfect - but something with character.

And I was going to spray paint it... because there was no way I wanted to sand and refinish every single inch of this thing!  Too many curves and small areas.  

Although I started to sand the top (because it's large and flat - so that means fairly easy) - again, I was NOT going to sand everything.  So instead I used  Zinser 1-2-3 water based primer which I had read would cover almost any piece and ready it for painting over without sanding.

I took off the hardware and laid it aside.
I removed the doors on either side but unfortunately you can't remove the center - nor the center GLASS.  So that would be an issue to tackle later (as the front of the middle shelf shows through the glass and there is no way to reach it easily.)

FIRST I spray painted the hardware with a dark brown spray paint.
SECOND, I used the Zinser primer to cover all the spaces on the main piece and the doors.
Letting everything dry for a few days I then decided on the color spray paint I wanted.
I chose "satin ivory" by Krylon - even though I love Rustoleum brand, the color I wanted was only in Krylon.
And I loved it. I knew I would as the post before this one featured the tall vase I painted with it first to be sure I liked the color!

And then I applied the finish.  The top coat.... (sigh).

I had researched online and read that using Minwax polycrylic water based finish would be safe to use on white without it turning it yellow.

I chose the  Minwax polycrylic water based in clear matte and...  yes, it did turn it a creamy yellow.

Not a 'yellow yellow' but enough that I could tell when I walked into the garage area the next day that it was more creamy yellow than white and not the color it was before the top coat was applied.

However, what I decided I could live with, was I carried the piece outside, I spray painted a light coat on top - figuring it still had the protective coat, but wanting to brighten it back up again to off-white and not a creamy yellow.

It worked well enough for me to live with it.

The piece is almost done - the last part I'm doing is that pesky shelf I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

It is right behind a piece of glass that cannot be removed from the piece and the shelves are permanent as well - so I'm slowly painting that but having to let it dry between attempts.

I'm actually spraying paint inside the cap and then 'painting' with a q-tip bent an angle to get between the glass and shelf.  That is why it's taking a bit of time, but it's working and coming along.

The round rivets in the before photos - are not metal.  They are wood and are attached to the piece.  I decided to finish them by painting them by hand so they looked like they were metal.  I just used some random craft paints I had on hand; mixing a metallic silver with some metallic gold and a little black.

I put the original hardware back on the hutch after spray painting it brown.

Overall I'm happy with it; especially because it was a budget friendly $14.99!  

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