Painting my red, green black and gold tall floor vase: vintage ivory antiqued

About sixteen years ago we bought some dark green furniture and found a gorgeous rug to match with dark green, dark red, gold and black.  I also found a tall floor vase that matched the rug exactly - even though they came from different stores.

Over the years the rug went somewhere. (Donated?  Garage sale?) and the decor changed but we still loved the furniture, it was in great shape and not showing wear and still a classic style that is still sold in various fabrics and colors.  The 'green' still works but the dark red, black and gold?  Not so much.  And as we prepare to give our green furniture to a graduating college daughter, I'm slowly changing our decor over to ivory, linen, mushroom and grays.  And since I still love this vase - just not the dated colors - I decided I wouldn't be out anything except a $4 can of spray paint by trying to refinish it.

This morning I was running errands to Walmart anyway, so I picked up a can of satin ivory spray paint.  (I knew I didn't want bright white, but I didn't want beige or cream either.  This ivory was the exact shade I was hoping to find.)

I was going to sand the edges and raised design to give it a vintage look so spray paint was all I needed to invest in as I had sandpaper at home. 

I took the vase outside and painted it and because it was spray paint, it was completely dry in about 35 minutes.  Probably less, but I let it sit on the deck for about a half hour and then brought it in as it was dry.  I started to sand the edges and quickly realized I could achieve the same 'look' by dry brushing some dark gray paint on it instead of the time consuming job of sanding (and going through sand paper as the ivory paint clogs it.)

A small bottle of pewter gray craft paint ($.50 at Walmart) and a little sponge - I simple dabbed and rubbed.  When it looked a little heavy to my eyes, I just used a towel to wipe some off.

In the end it was exactly the look I was hoping to achieve.

As I slowly start to transition this room over to a more neutral color, this vase can now serve another 10 years!  I just need to get new tall grasses and branches to put in it as the current 'greens' are too dark for the new, lighter look.

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