Which Did I Choose? Lowe's Home Improvement "LOGGIA" or Aura's "GLACIAL TILL" ?


Small update to the post below regarding the paint decision for the Living Room....

I decided to go with Aura's Glacial Till.

What a LONG drawn out process.

Given a choice with no consideration having to be given to;
  • The current wall color
  • The connecting wall colors
  • The furniture already in the room that we need to keep for at least 1-2 more years
  • Rugs already in the room
I would have chosen the Loggia from Lowe's Home Improvement.

Because of the considerations above, the most intelligent choice at this time was to stay with the Glacial Till color and although Lowe's did a GREAT and PERFECT MATCH for me in their Infinity paint ($25 less than a gallon of Aura), I can only afford about 1-2 gallons at a time on my 'paint budget' and there is no way you can get a perfect 100% match every single time so if I needed to switch to a new can in the middle of a wall it probably wouldn't match.

FINAL DECISION was using Lowe's Loggia shade for the 2 guest rooms (so I DO get to use my favorite shade after all) but staying with Glacial Till in the Living Room.  For now.


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