Finding a Pack-N-Play portable play yard or crib for the best price I could. I ended up with the DREAM ON ME ZODIAK brand.

Just another quick fly-by post here as I found a really good (great) deal on a 'pack n play' style play yard or sleeping area for the little ones.

If you recall, I did a review of the  Folding Portable Crib I bought for use when we had house guests with an infant coming to visit.  I do a TON of research before I buy things and I still absolute love that crib.  As a matter of fact, they stayed with us almost 2 months while getting ready to sign paper on their new house after their old house had already sold - and are using it again this upcoming week for another visit. 

But what this post is about is I was looking for a pack-n-play to have at the house for a couple reasons.  One is that little one is coming to visit this week and we had already planned to go camping (and had paid reservations) so we decided we are going to take the toddler and the baby with us.  That meant doing just a little more planning and organizing; one of which was a safe and secure area for the baby to sleep so we ALL can get some sleep.

When my 3 kids were tiny we had a Graco Pack N Play and I loved it.  It got so much use!  We used it everywhere for everything.  Not only traveling, sleeping at Grandmas etc. but I had it in the minivan and brought it out for the babies to sit and play in during Daddy's softball games, reunions, the beach, etc.

I already knew I loved them and it would come in handy - but they are also all made basically the same.  I needed to find one on my tight budget.

And I did.

This weekend I found the  Dream On Me Zodiak Portable Playyard which is the same brand as the folding portable crib I love so much (which is not as 'portable' as one of these.  The cribs are actually wooden cribs - just a smaller size than standard.  These are meant for travel, quick set up, folding down to a small size, etc.)

40 x 28 x 32 inches

The thing is - most of the time you are going to pay about $69.99 for one of these.  CHECK AMAZON.  You can use my links if you wish.  I found it on Amazon at the time of this posting for $39.99 and had 6 different patterns to choose from.  I also found 1 pattern available of the same play yard at Walmart for just $32.  DEALS ARE OUT THERE - you just have to look for them.

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