The only Baby Child Safety Lock that Worked on our Lever Handled Doors! Safety 1st Side By Side Cabinet Locks!

UPDATED (January 2017) - We LOVED these. They worked perfectly for 'lever' handled doors that no other baby locks worked on. 

When your front doors AND back doors do not have a traditional door knob, but the 'lever' style handles, it's great for easy opening and closing and even great to teach your dog how to open and close... but not great for 2 year old little boys that can not only run in and out, but can figure out and open almost every lock on the face of the earth.

One of my favorite old time Doris Day movies is "Please Don't Eat the Daisies".  If you've seen it, you'll know the scene I'm going to refer to.  If you haven't seen it, read on.

There is a scene in Please Don't Eat the Daisies where Doris Day's character, Kate, the mother of 4 little boys, is introducing the children to the nights sitter.  The 18 month old, Adam is in what is basically a cage - a playpen completely enclosed - even the top - because he is a handful and can into and out of everything!  So the sitter, looking at Adam wants to know what is wrong with him that they have to keep him in a cage?

"When you were 18 months old, could you pick a lock? Any lock?"
"Certainly not!"
"Well, Adam can."

We currently have our own 'Adam' - and lever door handles need baby locks.
Baby locks that are child proof for toddlers who have systematically learned how to open every single baby proof trial so far... up until these.

They are actually marketed for cabinets - but I looked at them and thought; I bet those would work on the lever handle doors if they can go wide enough. AND THEY CAN!

There are a FEW DIFFERENT STYLES that look SIMILAR to these.
For the record, he can operate the other ones; even though they look similar, these are harder to use.

So hard, that even adults find them hard to use.  Not only will they keep 2 year olds out, they will keep most adults out!

The first 3 days these were up... I cursed them.
I hurt my thumb.
I ripped my fingernail.
I debated not even using them.

But after I got used to them?  WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!  They are the Safety 1st Side By Side Cabinet Lock

To operate them:
1. Push in center Secure Tech button and hold while pressing in bottom release tab to separate lock
2. Pull inside lever up to remove strap
3. Place strap through cabinet handle or around knob
4. Reinsert strap through slot
5. Repeat on other side
6. Snap lock together
7. Pull strap to tighten

Step #1 is the bugger.
These take TWO HANDS to operate.
You are pushing up the button button on the right side while pushing in the green button on the left side and at the same time, are pulling the two sides apart.

Like I said, the first 3 days I was cursing them, after that? I'm singing their praises. 

I give you the Safety 1st Side By Side Cabinet Lock as it is currently on our front doors and our back doors (and the baby gate because he figured out the straps, and the locking mechanism).

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