The one and only best grout cleaner I've found and/or used

Over the past couple years I've tried numerous different products and ways to clean our kitchen grout.  Some of them I've posted here on BudgetBarbie (like the peroxide and oxi-clean) and although I've found a few of them 'worked' it wasn't realistic to use them because we have a huge... (huge huge...) kitchen, dining and laundry area for me to clean and it involved a toothbrush or small bristle brush to scrub and it was not only very hard work, but it was time consuming and OH SO MESSY.  Seriously; it took a lot of work to try to clean up the excess baking soda or oxi-clean or whatever I was testing at the time.

Well not anymore.

Last week I walking around my local Lowe's store just "looking" up and down aisles and brainstorming a few projects when my eyes saw this product....   Professional's Choice by Miracle Sealants Company.  Called "Heavy-Duty Acidic Cleaner" for grout but looked like it was safe for my tile and granite.  This is important because my tile floors have squares of decorate granite in the pattern.

I will never bother with another grout cleaner again.

I started with small batches, mixing 2/3 water with 1/3 solution in a little plastic container.
I applied it in a test spot using an old toothbrush dipped in the solution and then applied to the grout at the same time I did a couple half-hearted scrubs back and forth.

Almost immediately you can see as soon as the cleaner was applied to the grout it started to clean and fade the stains!

Seriously; all it took was putting it on the grout and 2 little scrubs back and forth with the toothbrush and I would see THIS...

My grout is supposed to be a light beige color and you can see that despite regular floor scrubbing and cleaning, the grout just never came clean. 

 And now it is!


I did a 'quick' application to my kitchen, dining area and will go back over a couple spots that I either missed (because the grout turns dark when wet and you have to 'wet' the area before applying the cleaner) so it's hard to see where you've applied it and where you haven't.

I started by dipping the toothbrush into the cleaning solution and applying it by scrubbing a bit.  I soon found I did not have to do that.  As a matter of fact, the grout got cleanest when I poured the cleaning solution in a thin line over the grout (it doesn't hurt the tile or the granite so it doesn't matter if it covers it) and then simply ran the toothbrush over it once, basically just making sure some of the solution touched the grout.

I found it came cleanest when I did not allow it to 'sit'  at all but did small 4X6 foot patches so I could apply it and then within 2 minutes I would go over the area with clean rinse water from my Hoover FloorMate machine.  I LOVED (LOVED LOVED) this process as it made it so quick and so EASY.  The Hoover Floormate machine applies clean water and sucks it back up to a different reservoir so you never are applying 'dirty' water to your floors.  This made the entire "RINSE" process so easy and fast although using a regular mop with a sponge head would have been fine and certainly more simple, easy and fast than ALL the 'testing' I did with baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, Oxi-clean and everything else I tried in the past).

Because the cleaner almost immediately starts to work on the dirt and stains and lifts them, I found the grout came clean the best when I didn't scrub too much because I was scrubbing the dirty water 'back' in if I went over the area more than a couple swipes.  I also found the darker stains spots came up best when I scrubbed once or twice and then applied a bit more fresh, clear solution to wash the dirty away; the idea being to always keep clean solution on the grout and not let the dirty brown water/cleaner solution sit on the area.

Fast, easy and I'm so incredibly thrilled to have finally found a product that WORKS ON GROUT.

I found it for about $10 at my local Lowe's but I did look it up on Amazon this morning and they do have it.  I'll post the link below AND a link to a couple of the Hoover FloorMate cleaners because using that little machine made cleaning my grout and tile so simple.  

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