UPDATED: (because it stopped working in 2018) Product Review Time: Beet Blu Digital Scale

UPDATE:  It's now December 2018 and I remembered that back in 2016 I had talked about this scale on my website (here) so I wanted to come back to do an update.

This scale was awesome for about 1 1/2 years but in June of this year (2018) it stopped working correctly.  The display will always read one of two weights;  you either weigh 172 or you weigh 116.  Doesn't matter if you weigh 200 pounds 130 pounds; you will only get a read out on the scale of 172 or 116.  We attempted everything to reset it but nothing worked.

However it's not a complete loss because it still reads the correct weight ON THE APP.

So to use it, we cannot see the read out on the scale, but if you still have your app on your smart phone, it will still give you the correct weights, body mass, etc.  so it's still usable; but not without your phone app.

Note: it's almost impossible to find these scales for sale any longer.  Their website is gone, they aren't making bathroom scales any more and you can't find them on Amazon (that I know of).  Perhaps used on ebay?  But if you HAVE ONE and it's not reading correctly; try just using your app only.  It still might work for you.

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