Product Review Time: Beet Blu Digital Scale

My first foray into the world of Bluetooth technology in my 'everyday' living was a Bluetooth enabled and app based toothbrush. Liking it a little better than I anticipated, I was pretty thrilled when I was offered a chance to try and review the Beets Blu Digital Scale free in return for an honest opinion, because we were actually in the market for a new scale - so the timing was perfect - and I was anxious to see if the tracking capability was really something useful and perhaps even a motivator.  It is... but I'll get to that in a moment.  First let's start with the basics!

With this scale, it is possible to track not only weight, but also measurements such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and lean body tissue. All measurements are instantly uploaded to a smartphone or ipad for tracking and analysis.

Beets BLU Bluetooth Scale is pretty simple and straight forward.  It monitors weight, fat percentage, body water and muscle mass. It uploads the data wirelessly via Bluetooth not only to the Beets Blu app, but to many other fitness and health applications like Apple Heath that is already on your phone if you own an iphone.

From their own product description:

About the Product

  • Wireless Scale measures people's muscle mass, body weight with body fat percentage, water (hydration level). Scale supports kg and lb weight mode
  • Connects to mobile via Bluetooth Smart (4.0), uploads all information to free native mobile application for Android and iOS, with saving history. Recommended weight limit is 150 kg/330 lbs
  • Helps you to analyze the data and choose the most appropriate way to track your weight loss. Our scale is high precision
  • iOS: Uploads all measurements to the Apple Health app (configurable)

Compatibility list:
- iPhone 4s (or later)
- iPad 3 (or later)
- Any smartphone with Android 5.0 (or later) with Bluetooth 4.0
- Samsung smartphone with Android 4.3 (or later) with Bluetooth 4.0

Notice for Android users: Before purchasing this product, please download the following app and ensure that it runs properly on your device without any compatibility issues. To download this app, please search for Smart Scale Beets BLU on Google Play.

So with the description out of the way, let's get to the review.

The product is actually a little less expensive if you order through Amazon rather than their .com website.
It arrives in a box clearly marked with the product inside.


When you open the box it's packaged well and comes with just one sheet of paper with simple instructions on inserting the batteries and where to download the app to use the product.  There is no users manual included as all the directions are app based.  Take the product out of the box - quick and simple - with no excess packaging included.

The back of the box.

  • Insert the batteries that come with the product.
  • Because it is made overseas and made for use all over the world, you have to choose the weight units your country uses.  This is done by pressing the UNIT button the back.  I chose lb (pounds) as I'm in the USA.
  • Placing the scale on a hard, flat surface is a must.  Uneven surfaces like uneven tiles, cobblestones or carpet will not give you an accurate reading.
  • Step on.
  • Wait for the scale to turn on.
  • Immediately step off and wait for the scale to read 0.0
  • Step on again and you will then see your weight and measurements.

Here is what the button on the back looks like to choose your unit of measurements (I chose lbs. since I'm in the US).

When you turn it on, step off and wait a couple seconds for the 0.0 displayed.  Then step back on for your weight.

If you have a reader on your phone you can scan the back of the box to get the correct app for your device.  

The Beets BLU Smart Scale app is free and quick to download

It will bring up the quickstart guide.

To personalize, you can manually enter data (your gender, athletic build, birthday, etc) or if you already use a health app tracking system, you can tell it to pair with it. 

You can choose which options you want to pair and turn off those you don't.

This app as a default of announcing your stats out loud but if you wish to keep that little secret to yourself, you can change that in the settings and turn it off.  

I tested the scale to see if it would accept multiple weigh-ins on the same day and it does.  It shows my most recent as my daily weight.

I have read other reviews that say it will 'remember' your information and download it to your device later if you do not have your phone or device with you; the bluetooth turned on, or the app open.  However when I tried this, it downloaded only my latest weigh-in and did not update the previous weigh-ins.  I actually think this feature does work; but I would need to test it over the course of 3-4 days or a week to be sure.  I only did a quick 1 time test with the phone in the other part of the house.

I did try to see where or how to delete my profile, which I could not find.  I could change all the information to make a new profile out of mine (new height, birthday, gender) but I did not find a delete profile button.
You can reset your data in the settings by deleting the information 1 month at a time with a swipe on the red - sign.

Bottom line?  
I really like this product!  It's easy to use.  The tracking feature motivates me and I find myself wanting to weigh instead of avoiding the scale.  I like the digital read out verses the old fashioned 'needle' reading and ounces count.  Tracking my BMI/body fat percentage is interesting and tends to be a motivator as well.

Beets Blu Digital Scales are available through Amazon

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