A rolling backpack that fits under the seat of an airplane - the Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Rolling Backpack ( 1 1/2 years of use so far)

My original purchase of this backpack was in February of 2015 for a trip I was making by plane.  I didn't want to deal with checked luggage so I set out to find a bag I could use as a backpack, but also a rolling-suitcase when I could, it had to hold about a weeks worth of clothing if I mixed & matched, my laptop, personal items, and it had to fit under the seat of an airplane.  Not an easy task.

Here is part of my original post and 2016 updated photos are below it.

I chose the Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Rolling Backpack

The one and only 'con' to the Embassy is that it has a starting weight of almost 6 pounds when empty (due to the internal structure, wheels and hidden handle to pull as a rolling option if you don't want to use it has a backpack) and after packing my clothing and other items, my laptop computer made it a tad too heavy to be comfortable as a backpack (without pulling out the handle and making it a wheeled option).

Wanting to do without the extra weight and not specifically needing my laptop over my tablet, for my first trip, I left my laptop at home and only packed my ereader to use as a tablet. 

What it held;
4 outfits - a mixture of dresses, shirts, leggings, dress pants, shorts
hair straightener
hair brush
shower cap
cough drops
paperback reading book
charging cords for my phone, ereader and mp3 music player
mp3 music player
hand sanitizer
chapstick/lip gloss

The dimensions of the bag were on target and I had no problem with any of the domestic flights I took.  As a matter of fact, I flew Delta for my whole trip and my bag fit perfectly under the seat on every leg of the trip.  This was a wonderful stress reliever for me as I didn't have to worry or care when I was boarding as I knew I didn't have to jockey for space in the overhead bins.  I simply slipped my case in handle first under the seat ahead, and then sat down and buckled up.  No stress.  No worries about space on overbooked flights.


The inside of the pack. One large open area, and plenty of room.

The handle is inside the zippered compartment on top and goes in and out easily.

This is the large side pocket in the front which held manila folders, my tablet and paperwork perfectly.


This bag is from China so it's not made particularly well... but well enough.
The 'leather' is THIN and will show wear if it's being rubbed against daily.
I use this bag only for traveling so the wear and tear is at a minimum and this little tiny
bit of wear came from being quickly shoved (and shoved hard) a couple times as
we were taking our seats on a plane and I had seatmates standing behind me to sit down
as well so I was moving very quickly and shoving it in fast and it sometimes caught on the metal
leg of the seat ahead of me.  Other than that, there is no wear and tear elsewhere.

 If you have this packed with items, it's not a good idea to carry it only by the handle.
The weight of your goods will rip it, I'm sure!  When went my 2nd trip with this bag
I packed clothing, personal items, electronics, etc. AND my large, full sized
laptop.  It was heavy and I could tell the handle would rip if I was grabbing it
and picking it up only by that handle so I ran downstairs to the sewing machine and did a quick
zig-zag stitch across the area with whatever thread was in the machine (blue, obviously).
This was a year ago and you can see, it's perfectly fine!  

I do not grab the bag 'fully loaded' by this handle though.
Instead, if it's filled and very heavy, carry it by the straps on the back!

The wheels are inside the bag and barely covered with a thin (!) piece of fabric.
Actually my bags fabric is cut badly so one wheel is covered (pictured) and the other is not.
If the wheels are muddy or wet, there is a chance it will rub against whatever is inside
if the cover is not in place perfectly.

The backpack straps are sturdy!
This is how I carry my bag when it is filled with all my things plus a laptop.
I've never had any problems with weight of the bag when I grab and carry it by these
straps or when I put it on my back.  They seem well sewn.

When you use the bag as a rolling bag, you can tuck the straps into the fabric
they put there just for that purpose.  It's light and held in place simply by velcro.

As you can see, my bag has held up quite nicely for the 1 1/2 years I've been using it.  I think it's a great option for quick weekend trips, travel on planes, etc.  I will say this though:  This morning before posting this, I went the product links on Amazon and read through some of the reviews.  I was surprised by a couple people who bought this bag for their KIDS as a school bag.  This is absolutely not a children's school bag.  I've got 3 kids and I can tell you, for that you need to buy a real backpack - sturdy and well made - but not something like this.  Not only does it have a very adult 'look' to it with the shiny patchwork leather, but it's SIX POUNDS when empty due to the internal rolling feature and handle.  And kids are HARD on backpacks.  They get dragged on the ground, thrown around, scraped up, kicked around, etc.  This is not a school bag.  

This a nice looking bag for travel or perhaps for a working man or woman who wants a nice bag they can transport things back and forth to the office for and do not want to use a briefcase.

Lastly, I noted there are now at least 5 or 6 people selling these on Amazon.  I saw a couple that were even up to $60 and $70!  No.  This bag has 2 reasonable links that are currently about $40 or under.  Those are the two I would suggest using as it's the same bag being sold by numerous Chinese sellers, you just have to be careful which link you purchase from. 

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