Security Door Stops for College Dorms - 2 I'm considering and why I'm not considering one other style

This particular article is not about theft and security for individual items like laptops, dorm lockers, locked jewelry cases, etc. This particular post is only in regards to door stops and security measures to keep the door from being opened from the outside.

July is winding down and our daughter goes off to college in just a few weeks.  She's our third child to go off to college and it's her Junior year, so we've had some experience already in what they need, don't need, want and don't want.  One of the things we haven't had to worry about too much with our first two kids were dorm door security measures.  Due to the style of dorm they have, the layout, whether it's a shared dorm or single and a few other factors, this is something you may or may not need.  (Probably not).  Dorm doors are pretty secure and the problem of most dorm doors is the students leaving them unlocked or propped open! Just remind your child to make it a dorm rule to never leave the door unlocked or propped open; even if they are just running down the hall to another room or the bathroom, etc.

So why are we looking at door security measures this year?

Our kids have all gone to different Universities in different cities and different states.  We've seen and had many different styles of dorms through the years.  Our daughter has a wonderful set up at her university; one she really loves - The dorms are set up so you and your roommate share a single bathroom, with a door on each side - leading to your own single, private dorm quarters.  You have your own entryway, your own closets, desk, bed, microwave and refrigerator and even your own air conditioning and heat controls.  But it is a shared Jack and Jill bathroom.

Sometimes you don't get along with your roommate, other times you get along with them but don't really trust them.  Or sometimes you trust and like your roommate just fine, but they have a whole group of friends you don't know that they have over to their side of the dorm all the time, or even have friends over that you do not trust, like or get along with. Being out of your dorm for classes, a part time job or out with friends means there is a lot of time your dorm and your things are left without you there to be sure they are safe.

When your student is out of their room or goes home for the weekend, you would like to think your things are completely safe in your dorm but you just never know.  Let's just say we've had a couple instances over the past two years that gave us 'pause' on this topic and this year, as we gear up for a return to campus, we are getting a dorm door security stop.  This will be used as a security measure to keep the common door between their rooms secure on her side so no one can enter her room through the shared bathroom.

Here are three options that I personally looked at when looking online for ideas.  Two of them I considered, one I didn't.

I love this one as it's sturdy and strong.  Very highly rated, the Door Jammer Portable is small enough to be 'out of the way' when not needed. 

DoorJammer Portable Door Security, Model DJ001
  • Jimmy-proof security for sliding patio doors
  • Used to prevent door from sliding
  • 48in. length can be cut to fit narrower doors
  • Folds up against back of door when not in use
  • Made of extruded aluminum

This is the one we are not using.  I believe this one is better for traveling and for hotel rooms.  Our daughter and I both agree it's probably not a good idea for dorm rooms because it's an alarm.  If you set this and go for the weekend and someone does try to push your door open, the alarm is going to sound.  And it's going to continue to sound until the batteries run out or someone breaks down your door to make it stop!  Good for hotel rooms when you are in them but not so good for school.

GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm
  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • 120 dB alarm sounds when activated
  • Pressure on doorstop activates alarm
  • On/off switch to toggle activation
  • Low-battery indicator light
  • Battery powered--no wiring or complicated installation

THIS is the one my daughter is requesting.  Her friend had it last year and it worked great.  It wedges between the door handle and the floor.  Has great reviews, no alarm to sound, and can be used with a swinging door or a sliding door.  Her friend bought hers at Lowe's and we'll probably look their for one this weekend as well but just in case you can't find them locally, I did find them available through Amazon online.

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar
  • Dual function door security bar for hinged and sliding doors
  • Adjusts from 27-1/2in (70cm) - 42in (1.1m) to fit most standard doors and sliding patio doors
  • Top piece removes for sliding door application
  • Rugged 20 gauge steel construction, Padded foot provides sure grip without scratching
  • Pivoting ball joint assures full contact with floor

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