My latest attempt to clean grout - peroxide - baking soda - Oxi-Clean (Yep, it worked but dang... it's not easy!)

About two months ago I was determined to try yet another cleaning attempt on some of the grout in our home.  Over the past couple years I felt as if I had tried every product available as well as bleach, ammonia, dish liquid, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent... I'm pretty sure there are more but you get the idea.

I had used baking soda previously with vinegar but I realized one day, I had never tried peroxide.  The reason mostly just because we have a bottle in the bathroom for cuts and scrapes but it's not large enough to use on a large area like a kitchen floor and I've not grabbed it to try on grout.  But that day finally came.

Armed with the bottle of peroxide from the bathroom cupboard and an old toothbrush, I decided to do some cleaning trials.

First I poured on plain peroxide.

I then sprinkled on baking soda.

I let it set about a minute or two and started to scrub with a toothbrush.  The end result was noticeable.  Inch by awful, scrubbing inch... it was noticeable.

 So I embarked on a larger area....  On a side note, I discovered how quickly the peroxide 'ran' down the grout lines to the baseboards!  I swear more pooled under the baseboard trim than stayed on the grout lines.


And that is as much got done during this trial because it was frustratingly irritating, boring and mind numbing.  But yes.  It worked.  However I was sick of the mess, sick of the peroxide running away. 

BUT I did realize that by letting the mixture "set" for about 10 minutes it really did part of the work itself.  It did lighten considerably with a 10 minutes wait time and I realized it was the PEROXIDE doing it.  Not the baking soda - which was fine for adding a bit of elbow grease to the scrubbing but it was the oxygen in the peroxide that was lightening and cleaning.

At that point I cleaned up my mess and went and bought some Oxi-Clean and 2 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide at Sam's Club.  I think it was about $3 for a couple bottles of peroxide and $14 for the large container of Oxi-clean.  I came home and used that to clean and got similar results like I did from the baking soda and peroxide.

At this point I had wore down the old toothbrush and was thinking my Hoover Deluxe FloorMate with the scrubbing brushes should work and make the job easier right!?  Well, after all was said and done - yes it made it easier but it did not actually scrub the grout like my little old toothbrush did and wasn't really worth the effort.

At that point I finished the floor, put the Floormate away and because it didn't suck up all the remnants of the oxi-clean, I then used a broom and dustpan to get the used powder up and followed up with a damp mop.

END THOUGHTS?   It's a pain in the butt and lots of elbow grease, but peroxide is king.  Better than any of the store bought products, ammonia, bleach or any other cleaners I've tried, I can vouch the peroxide with Oxi-clean or baking soda works well - when you let it set for about minutes and then scrub with an old toothbrush.

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