Ugly Floor Registers? Just Paint Them!

We have a fairly big house and we need all new registers.  Some were already beat up when we moved in - from furniture placed on them, to carpet cleaning that left moisture on them which rusted, etc. etc.  They are also really cheap, construction grade, regular old vents that I'm slowly replacing with beige plastic or dark brown to better match the house.  But it's hard for me to spend money on so many vents at a time. 

We had visitors coming to stay and I was looking at the ugly vents in the family room and writing down the sizes so I could run to Lowe's to buy new ones when it occurred to me to just bide my time by painting them.  I already had craft paint on hand (maybe not the color I would have chosen - but good enough!) so I grabbed the paint and a sponge brush and quickly painted them and popped them back into place.  They looked pretty good!  No one would probably notice the vents anyway - but they looked fresh and clean and nice and best of all?  I can use that money for other needs instead of having to buy floor registers right away.

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