Lightly Frosted - Easy Hand Painted Snow Frosted Pine Cones (because store bought are just to 'heavy' with paint!)

This year I wanted a natural theme to our home's decor.  I felt strongly about simple dark red cranberries, little red bows and using natural pine cones.  I kept putting off hiking through our woods to gather pine cones as I was trying to prioritize everything on my daily list... and I finally ended up looking for bags of pine cones at the store as I was running errands.  Unfortunately most of the pine cones I found were not just 'frosted' with a beautiful dusting of snow but looked as if they had been dunked in snow, rolled around in glitter and often, that glitter was silver, red, green...  hello?  Have these manufacturers never seen lightly covered pine cones?

Luckily I found some plain, unpainted pine cones at Michaels and they were on sale.  Basically I got 2 bags for the price of one.  I was able to 'lightly' paint them to resemble a heavy frost or light dusting of dry snow... instead of a dunked, thickly coated ugly mess the stores were selling!

Before and after...
Simple Needs:
  • Pine Cones
  • Twine, ribbon, fishing line or wire to attach to the pine cones to hang
  • White paint of almost any style (you don't need much!)
  • Clear or iridescent glitter if you choose (or colored if that's your thing)
  • A paint brush of almost any sort
I used an old paint brush that isn't good for 'nice' projects any more but has come in handy for little tasks here and there!  Place a bit of white paint on a throw away container, a paper plate, a paper towel, etc.  Add a bit of glitter or glitter paint if you desire.  Dip your brush in, but brush most of it off so you have a lightly covered brush to work with.

Hold the pine cone in your hand and brush downward lightly on the edges of the pine cone.  Start with light strokes because you can always add more layers for a heavier look.  When you like the look, place it down on a covered surface to dry and continue.  When they are all finished and dry, tie your twine, etc. around the tops and hang!

Brushing on layers until I get the look I want...

Let them dry...

I tied pieces of jute (twine) around mine to hang - keeping with my rustic themed decor.
You could use wire, fishing line or ribbon if you wish!

Ready for hanging on the tree!

Just a quick note:  I always reuse anything and everything I can.  That includes the little brown plastic bags my pine cones came in!  After ripping them open, I simply gathered the plastic in my hand, pinched the center and tied it off with a bit of twine I had for the pine cones.  The result was cute little bows that also went on my tree!

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