Completely FREE TO YOU to print: Lunchbox Stickers and Labels - Including Thanksgiving themed free printables for table or lunchbox

Greetings from the Budget Barbie team!  This week I had Dana from foodpackaginglabels contact me to ask if I would pass along a link to some free printable labels and stickers they have.  Normally I don't link or post to a specific company by request unless I have received a product or sample to personally review first...  but I'm going to make an exception on these as I don't have little ones with lunch boxes any longer, and these are completely FREE TO YOU to print and do with what you like.  

Getting your child to eat healthy food is a big challenge. With these cool broccoli, strawberry, cupcake and all sorts of lunchbox stickers you can overcome it and make lunch look fun and tasty. Surprise your kids by packing their food in personalized lunchboxes with colorful stickers and interesting notes. You can even let them take part in the lunch preparation process and decorate the lunchboxes by themselves.

New on the site is the THANKSGIVING themed lunchbox stickers; They can come in handy when decorating the Thanksgiving dining table, organizing fun games for the guests and spending quality time with family. You can check them out here:  LUNCHBOX STICKERS AND LABELS

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