A Reader Submitted Photo of Their Patio! Made with the Paver Mold and Tint Discussed on Budget Barbie.

One of my readers sent me his newly finished patio - SO AWESOME!!!!

One of the top 5 topics on BudgetBarbie since 2005 is the DIY concrete patio we made using a concrete mold, a few bottles of color tint and a big plastic bin to mix it.  At the time I had NO IDEA I would not only post a quick "hey, look what we did"  in 2005 but again in 2007 and 2013... and by popular demand, again in the Spring of 2015!

I am THRILLED with the number people who have emailed to let me know how their projects went... and I thought today might be a good idea to post a photo one of my readers sent me of HIS PATIO!!!  I was so happy for him as it turned out beautiful!  You did an incredible job "Jeff" and so happy you decided to undertake the project. 

Previous posts on this topic as well as INSTRUCTIONS and the links to some of the projects used can be found on previous posts:

The work involved was to:
  • Remove the grass in a square area as large as we wanted our patio to be
  • Smooth it out with a rake to a flat surface
  • Mix the cement in a large plastic container to a good consistency that held form
  • Pour the wet cement into the plastic brick molds until the mold was full   
  • Fill all the spaces, let it set about 10 more seconds, give it a little jiggle and lift. 
The bricks should be perfect and stay in shape assuming your mixture isn't too wet and runny.  Place the mold down again immediately next to the new bricks to continue the correct layout and spacing using the mold as your spacer.

They were hard within 24 hours and cured within 48. We spread play sand over the entire patio and using a large broom, swept it into the cracks between the bricks.  

The different shades were made by adding a bit of color to the concrete in the large bin, making a paver stone or two in the mold, adding a bit more color to the wet mix, making another stone, and adding additional concrete tint to the batch until that batch was gone and starting with a fresh batch.  You add a little color at a time to go from lighter paver stones to darker as you add a little more tint (and different shades of charcoal, brown and red) to the batch.  By the time you are done your patio has various shades of paver stones all in the same shade family.

Note: Here is what I used to color (tint) the different colors of the bricks;
QuikreteLiquid Cement Color, Red
Quikrete Liquid Cement Color, Brown
Quikrete Cement Color, Charcoal 

I would mix up a large batch of concrete in the plastic bin; add some color to the mixing bin as we mixed the concrete.  As we would fill 2 of the spaces in the mold, I would then add some more color to the concrete to get a darker hue or change the tint.  Another stone or two and I'd add more.  Using red, brown and charcoal I just continually added various amounts as we mixed and poured.  When the mold is full of different shades of bricks, I'd wait about 10 seconds, give a jiggle and lift.  Continue with a new big batch of concrete, adding the tint after one or two bricks.  The end result was an array of colored bricks all in the same tones as I used the same 3 colors over and over different amounts.  Some concrete was not colored at all and was left the natural gray.

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