The next project: Let it begin! Removing ugly scroll woodwork from the sides of the staircase

The first time we saw what was to be our home while house hunting for our relocation to this state, we saw the wood scroll patterns on the sides of the staircase and hated it.  It screams "I'm a 78 year old Grandmother and this is my blue decor, country themed 1960's house".   Which is not really... us.

I would love to say we've only lived here a few months and just haven't gotten to this yet, but truth be told, we've lived here a few years now and honestly, we hate it just as much now as we ever did, but it's so easy to live with something and just pretend it doesn't exist.  Except, when you notice it and exclaim for the 183rd time how ugly it is and how you hate it.

This week I pointed it out to my husband (again) and asked him if he thought I should try to remove them or should we paint over them in white so it matches the trim and maybe our eyes would glaze over them, or perhaps paint the entire wall up to the edge of the stairs the same wheat color?  He didn't know.

So I turned to some online internet friends.

When I showed them the photos I thought maybe they would call me out for being too picky and tell me it looks cute or pretty or that I'm being silly - that it doesn't look that bad.   They didn't.  As a matter of fact they not only agreed they were ugly, but admitted they've never seen anything like that and understood why I would want to get rid of it.

So today I took baby steps... the first thing I did was gently try to remove a panel to see how difficult it would be, what it was attached with, what was under it and if we could take them off.   It was on pretty darn well however.  So, plan B.  I got out the white paint and did a test run of painting one of them.  One of my friends had told me he didn't think painting it would work because you would still be able to see something was there.  He was right.  It looked awful.  The scroll woodwork still showed as clear as ever; it was just white.

So once again I tried to pry it off... but this time I had a little more faith this is what I wanted to do so I had a little more 'guts' to push harder.

It was a tight fit but I got two off and I decided, yes.  This is something I want to move ahead with!

Off with their heads... errr... off with the ugly scrollwork!

 Update to come.

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