Six DIY Homemade Salves, Lotions and Skin Care Recipe Books

This morning I opened this browser to post yet another recipe for a homemade DIY beauty product but I started to think about how it would be much easier to just post links to some books with a lot of different health and beauty salves, lotions and creams that my readers could browse through and choose which ones sounded best to them.

That led me to Amazon and browsing for DIY guides to homemade lotions and creams and other skin care recipes.  While organic is important for many, certain ingredients are important for others and of course allergies, personal preferences, budgets and a lot of other factors go into the final decision!  That is why I decided I would find and feature six books.

A couple of the books also feature herbal recipes for teas and tonics as well so there should be a good base for almost everyone to find what they like or need.  I don't own these books myself - my recipes are hand scribbled on little pieces of paper in my 3 ring binder.  Not pretty, but it works for me.  I know others like a nice, organized, easy to read book though!



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