Product Review Time: My Influenster VoxBox

I love being a member of Influenster as I get a chance to randomly try different products free, in return for my honest opinions. The latest 'box' I got to try for review included various products with an "I Do" theme; think, weddings.  Because we have weddings to attend this summer, it was the perfect chance to try some new to me products as well as one I used to use but hadn't bought in a while.

Included in the "I Do" VoxBox;
  • Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar
  • Neutrogena Hand Cream
  • COVERGIRL Outlast lip color and foundation
  • UrgentRx Ache and Pain powder
  • Sahale Snacks
  • NanoBlur

I'm not a dark or bright lipstick kind of girl.  I'm more of a natural, nude gloss or chapstick kind of person as I feel like color on my lips makes me look harsh.  However, I wasn't about to try out 'new' to me makeup on the day of a wedding reception, so my trial run included a day of errands in 100 degree weather.

The CoverGirl Outlast Luminous foundation didn't seem all that different than the foundation I usually wear (which is also CoverGirl brand) and I didn't notice that it lasted any longer or felt or looked different than normal, but the lip color did last.  Not as bright, but I found myself putting a nude gloss on a couple times through the day as the lipstick was drying and seemed to take the moisture out of my lips.  No worries when a quick swipe of clear lip balm or gloss brightened them back up.

The first product I had tried was actually the instant pain and ache powder from UrgentRx.  This was a product I had seen in the check-out line while shopping for household items and groceries, but had never purchased.  The packaging was confusing and really, doesn't need to be, but they have you fold it a certain way and then rip a certain way to open.  Once you get past the odd directions for opening the package you just pour it on your tongue and it dissolves - no water needed.  The idea being 'quick and easy' on the go, from your purse or a backpack or wherever, without the need for water. 

I really liked this product!  I didn't find any issues with it being too dry, needing water or with the taste.  The lemon lime flavor is not my favorite, but it wasn't terrible.  Best of all, it knocked out the wicked sore throat I had that morning.

The Sahale Snacks are something most people will love... but a little sweet for me as I don't eat sweet items, including dried fruit.  The nut and fruit mixture is great though, and this healthy option for a quick pick-me-up when you need it is one I like for my family.  Far more healthy than sugar laden snacks or bars.

The Skinnygirl Lemon bar was good!  Surprisingly so as I'm not a regular purchaser of Skinnygirl products.  I can't say it stood out in any special way, except it was a good quick bar to grab 'on the go' and if you are a calorie counter (I'm not) it's only going to cost you 150 calories.
  • 150 Calories
  • 6G of Protein
  • 5G of Fiber
Thumbs up to the Neutrogena Hand Cream - a product my family used growing up and loved, but I had forgot all about it recently.  So happy to rediscover this awesome product as it gives intense moisturizing.  I love to use it before bed so it soaks in while I'm sleeping and does it's magic.

Last but not least is NanoBlur, which admittedly, is taking some practice to apply to the point where I like it.  Hiding fine lines and 'blurring' those lines for a flawless finish is the look I'm going for, but so far, I'm only just now getting the hang of it and it's been 4 uses.  The first time, it stung when I applied it (weird, as I've never been sensitive to anything before).  You apply it with moisture or after foundation but before pressed powder.  The first 3 times it was either gummy or didn't do anything at all but the 4th time, I thought my eyes looked a little brighter and the fine lines didn't show as much at the creases.  The jury is still out on this product.

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