Stenciled Pennant Wall Hanging - Burlap and Lace!

Last week I worked on this burlap and lace pennant wall hanging for a wedding reception (theme is obviously 'vintage' 'burlap' 'lace' with colors in aqua and mint).  We visited a local Hobby Lobby where we found the package of lace and burlap pennant - it was about $13 I think.  We also picked up a sponge brush, some aqua and mint craft paint and a plastic alphabet stencil. 

If you can't find burlap and lace pennants locally, you can order a bunch of different styles online.  You can also use a plain burlap pennant and simply cut a strip of lace the width of the top and sew a straight line across or hot glue it on. 

To make this pennant we laid a piece of plastic (the bright yellow thing in the picture) to protect the table from excess paint bleeding through, and then laid the letter of the stencil we needed on the burlap and sponged a bit of paint over the stencil.  Carefully and quickly pull the stencil away. 

We spelled out "THANK YOU" but you could write anything at all on yours!

*Links to various related products at the bottom of this post in case you can't find anything you like locally.

Lay the stencil over the burlap and sponge a bit of paint on the stencil.  Pull away carefully & let dry completely.

Ours says "Thank You" but you can write anything you wish!

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