Spices in tiny containers for backpacking and camping!

When life gets crazy busy I usually forget to take photos of all the kazillion projects I'm doing...  and I never get around to posting the ones I DO have in my files.  Also... those super cool or useful ideas I stumble upon and want to post (for me mostly... but also to share with readers!) - yeah, those stay living in my computer files as well.

Not today.  No siree Bob!  Here is an idea I looooooove and have had in my files forever but today it needs to come out!  It needs to be shared.  Is this not the easiest idea ever????   Tic-Tac containers filled with the spices or herbs you use most in your cooking; all bundled up tiny so you can put them in your bug-out bag, camping gear, backpack.  I found this on the net (you can see the website below if you want to check them out!!).

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