Pinstripe Glazing Style - My Bathroom Cupboards This Time!

Previously I posted about my spur-of-the-moment decision to take some black paint to my old 1990's armoire  (How to Pinstripe an Ugly Maple Armoire to Look More Like Hickory) and how much I loved the result.

Loved it so much in fact, I couldn't stop thinking about how cute my daughter's bathroom would be if I did the same to her bathroom cupboards.  So... I did.

Now, I have posted about this bathroom before - it used to be a Victoria's Secret PINK themed bathroom complete with dual shade pink stripes and glitter PINK letters and even the little free puppies you used to get with purchases.  It was a total "high school girl" bathroom and she loved it for 3 years but now that she's gone off to college, she wanted me to redo the bathroom more for 'guests' to our home with a neutral decor.

I'm putting the cart before the horse a bit with this entry as what initiated the redo was my decision to frame the boring, every has it bathroom mirror.  I bought and cut trim molding and framed the bathroom mirror in black, painted the pink striped walls neutral to match the rest of the house, moved the shelves, painted the baseboard and trim and finally... painted the ceiling.  That left my sink base cupboards so boring and plain looking I couldn't stop hating them.

Before I knew it, I ran downstairs to the kitchen where I had a bottle of black craft paint, grabbed it along with some paper towels and a paint brush... and went to town.

I'm going to cut and paste the directions from my armoire as there is no reason to re-type it all!  

If you have glaze or can buy a cheap little can of glaze, by all means do it.  I didn't want to spend any extra money so I used what was on hand and I always come up with these projects at the last second and want to get started NOW anyway; so I never take the time to go to a store and buy things.  I'm creative though.  So if YOU have glaze, use it (I'll link to some below on Amazon too) - but I'm going to do it with leftover black paint.

I poured a small amount of black latex interior paint (eggshell finish) onto a styrofoam tray from some ground beef, I had washed and dried (I always keep little things like that and put them into my craft container).

Using a brush, I simply brushed some paint into the corners and edges of the cupboards and along the seam edge.

Very lightly and gently, wipe off. 

The harder you press, the more you take off.

Leave more in the corners and edges by lightly wiping, while applying the paint and wiping off most of it to give the rest of the wood a slight shade change and a few tiny pinstripes but most of the paint will be wiped off. 

In some areas if the paint started to dry a little quickly, I spit on the rag and wiped it off!  (Just keepin' it honest)  so having a damp rag nearby helps for spots you want to wipe off and redo (I was too lazy to run upstairs and get a wet rag).

This dries quickly so only do a small section at a time.

Here is 3 photo step by step:

Applying paint to corners and edges

Gently wiping it off, leaving it pooled in corners by not wiping hard

I wiped the flat areas to remove most of the paint while leaving paint heavier in the seams

The Bathroom Before and After
(This week I am purchasing new bath rugs, trash containers, shower curtains and towels so it's not a COMPLETE 'after' but the cupboards are!)

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