Wise Foods - Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain

When it comes to emergency preparedness and foods for our family I've never been a fan of pouches for long term storage.

That's just a personal thing as I have a hard time picturing something in a pouch lasting 25 years on a shelf as they claim. I don't have small mylar pouched foods in our long term storage supply even though I don't fault those who do.  You gotta do what feels right to you.

Although they claim a 25 year shelf life, 
I personally just don't feel comfortable with that claim 
so I don't use them for long term storage.

When it comes to backpacking, hiking, camping and vacations however, pouch meals make sense.  

And I do stock them for these events as well as in our 3 day emergency kits and our get-home bags.

When camping or hiking you want meals that are freeze dried or dehydrated, packed in small size portions (compared to a huge #10 can) and you want the mylar pouches as they are so easy to pack, keep your food dry and safe, don't rip easily like Ziplock baggies and you simply add water to find yourself with a hearty, hot, comforting meal.

For my last camping trip, I was going solo with my dogs so I didn't have to worry about any food preferences for anyone but myself.  I decided to purchase small kits of pouched meals from two different companies.  One I ordered from was Wise Foods and it was Wise Foods that I brought with me on my last trip.

Upon opening my kit the first thing I noticed was how heavy the pouches were.
The mixes were dried and dehydrated but very, every heavy compared to the freeze dried foods I was expecting to receive.  This wasn't going to bode well for backpacking, however this particular camping trip with my dogs, I was going to be arriving in my truck to a campsite and therefore, not hiking miles with heavy food pouches in my pack, so it was ok.

I threw in a couple packages of entrees and a couple breakfasts.

What do you need to make the Wise Food meals?
Very, very hot water.  And that's about it.
Wise foods will be ready to eat more quickly when very hot water is used. However, many of the foods can be re-hydrated and ready to eat with any temperature of water.

When it came time for dinner that evening I realized what I was craving wasn't a meat or rice entree, but rather a bowl of a hearty, sweet, brown sugar and grain based meal.  So, breakfast for dinner it was!  And I chose their Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain pouch.  The pouch said it was a 6 grain mixture including wheat, barley and oats. 

I had it that evening cooked in a pan over a campfire.  The package said it was enough for 4 servings and I didn't really believe it, but I used about a cup of dry cereal and it was actually too much food for me.  It was that filling!  (A good thing!).

And the flavor?  It was incredibly good!  I absolutely loved it.  So much so that I had another helping of it the next morning.

The dry mix poured out of the bag looks like this

And here it is with hot water added - waiting for it to reconstitute

It was almost 120 degrees that day so after breakfast I decided to break camp and head home where the dogs and I would be more comfortable, therefore I didn't delve into any of the other meals.  Just their breakfasts.  Now, I have sense read some pretty scathing reviews online of their products - however I can only attest to their breakfast pouch and it was incredibly good.  And the servings?  Instead of just 4 I would say you can easily get 5 out of it.  My husband and I both enjoyed more bowls of it here at home after I returned home from camping.

I give this one particular product of theirs a thumbs UP.  I'll have to let you know about their entrees after I try them personally. 

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