Why I did NOT order a TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack from UpCycledSavings

If you've paid attention the name of my blog ("BUDGET") or read my blog for any amount of time, then you know that I like to research my purchases and make sure I'm not only making a smart decision for myself, but that I'm not overpaying.   One of my latest researching tasks has been a hiking backpack. 

For the items I buy, I spend hours on many, many different sites doing cost comparisons, reading reviews, finding customer photos so I can really see what it looks like (verses staged company marketing photos), watch reviews on Youtube for many products, do background searches on 'new to me' companies I've never ordered from, checked the google searches for the product as well as the shopping prices and more...

When I was researching the TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack, I was fairly sure I liked it enough to buy it, and I liked the Amazon price, but just wanted to do one more check for price comparisons.

This is when I saw it listed two places, cheaper than Amazon (which was the cheapest over the 'big name' retailers).  I saw it on OverStock.com and since I have ordered from that site a few times, I clicked.  Jokes on me.  They are pretty bad at getting you to their site only to see a big "OUT OF STOCK" note on it, and to try to get you to click on similar products they actually DO have.  I'm sick of that marketing ploy, so I immediately click away. 

The second site that came up with a better price was UpCycledSavings.com - it was about $20 less than Amazon.  I clicked on the 'about' page and read about their company...  and something felt off.  That's when I decided to search for information about the company before proceeding. 

So glad I did.

There weren't a lot of reviews out there, but the ones that I found were all warning people away from it.   From shoddy, cheap products and not being able to get their money back (despite what the website says about 100% satisfaction), to people not getting their items, people having to put in their phone numbers and shipping address only to then be redirected back to an empty cart and told the item was out of stock (their phone number was just taken though....) and more.

I did a search for their business phone number and found it listed to a number of different companies, but a little deeper digging and I found out why.   The phone number is actually part of a Google VoIP number.

This means someone uses this number for a LOT of different phone numbers, but they are all forwarded and ring into one web based phone number.

Here is another poster who like me, did some research into the company and their phone number.  I loved that she was willing to list the sites she found.  A very helpful review!  THANK YOU PATTI B.!!

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On 3/30/15 I was shopping for kayaks on-line. Several were shown to be for sale below all competitors' prices on UpCycledSavings.com. Before I ordered anything, I decided to do a little research. Exploring the associated phone number, 414-395-5485, I found MANY websites for online stores which are very similar to one another, and ALL use the 414-395-5484 phone number. Therefore, I believe the stores and websites are set up to scam potential customers. The other sites I found tonight are:


toy-a-rama.com (defunct)

Tip for consumers: BUYER BEWARE!

In ending my post I would like to add that due to another review I read, I went ahead and searched for a handful of random items - not only 3 different styles of backpacks, but adding things like a kayak and other random products.  EVERY ONE OF THEM back with a 'hit' for UpCycledSavings at a price under what every other price on the internet and brick and mortar stores sell them for.  Whether or not they REALLY have them in stock, I was not willing to give my phone number and zipcode to them to find out. 

Personally, I will be checking out Dick's Sporting Goods, Bass Pro Shop and Academy Sports or going back to my Amazon choice - and have chosen not to order from the Upcycledsavings website.  Thank You to Patti and all the others who willing share their information and opinions on the net!

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