My Olicamp Mess Kit - LOVE it

Although I bought this for myself last summer, it was a crazy busy time of family wedding, baby showers, births and more, spanning across the country with a lot of travel, and before I knew it, late fall had arrived and then winter.  I decided to just tuck this post away "for later".

Now is later!  Spring has sprung - the weather is a bit warmer and I'm starting to plan out some cross country travel with camping.

One of the items I have in my to-go back is this mess kit... not just any mess kit, but after a LOT of research, I chose the Olicamp Mess Kit. 

It's a thicker, more sturdy and durable pan set than you will usually find with the other brands.  

Product Description:
An excellent quality mess kit at a fantastic price. Made of lightweight steel with a compact clam-shell design. Contains 
  • 6 3/4" fry pan with folding wire handle
  • 6 1/2" dish
  • 1 pt. pot with lid that nests inside
  • 8 oz plastic drinking/measuring cup

Nested size is 3" x 7" diameter. Wt: 15 oz. (Good size for your backpack!  3 inches isn't very wide so everything fit great.

I was going to  post a photo of me using my mess kit, but looking through my photos, I never took a picture that included my 'cooking' in them!  The closest I got was a shot of the morning fire with my coffee percolating; which was not part of this kit.  You'll have to suffice with the photos I took when I got it - this is the product straight out of box.

Note the drinking cup is plastic.  While I was researching kits, I saw questions from people as to why a plastic cup was put into a good quality kit?

Easy.  Because plastic won't transfer heat to your fingers and hands and burn them when you are drinking your morning coffee, sipping hot soup or hot chocolate.  In order to be sturdy yet 'cool' when you use it to drink hot beverages, it's plastic! 

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