Update to my post on the Embassy Rolling Luggage

My post below (Comparing two Carry On Travel Backpacks: The Embassy Leather Rolling Backpack and the MPG Convertible Yoga Backpack) was pre-trip, and here is my post trip update.

I chose the Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Rolling Backpack for my last trip, over the MPG Convertible Backpack Black - although I hope to use (and review) the MPG pack in a future post.

The one and only 'con' to the Embassy is that it has a starting weight of almost 6 pounds (due to the internal structure, wheels and hidden handle to pull as a rolling option if you don't want to use it has a backpack) and after packing my clothing and other items, my laptop computer made it a tad too heavy to be comfortable as a backpack (without pulling out the handle and making it a wheeled option).

Wanting to do without the extra weight and not specifically needing my laptop over my tablet, I left my laptop at home and only packed my ereader to use as a tablet. 

What it held;
4 outfits - a mixture of dresses, shirts, leggings, dress pants, shorts
hair straightener
hair brush
shower cap
cough drops
paperback reading book
charging cords for my phone, ereader and mp3 music player
mp3 music player
hand sanitizer
chapstick/lip gloss

The dimensions of the bag were on target and I had no problem with any of the domestic flights I took.  As a matter of fact, I flew Delta for my whole trip and my bag fit perfectly under the seat on every leg of the trip.  This was a wonderful stress reliever for me as I didn't have to worry or care when I was boarding as I knew I didn't have to jockey for space in the overhead bins.  I simply slipped my case in handle first under the seat ahead, and then sat down and buckled up.  No stress.  No worries about space on overbooked flights.

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