Getting more mileage from my tall black boots: How I fixed peeling leather at the seams!

It's so simple, you can see from the 'before' and 'after' photo how I did it, but here is the background.  These boots are fairly old - I bought them in 2009 I think.  I loved them not only because I liked how they looked and were versatile to wear with tights and a black dress or jeans - but because they were so comfortable I could wear them all day at work and my feet didn't hurt!

However, they are 'fake' leather and the side seam of the boot started to peel.  No worries.  While at my desk at work, I simply used a black Sharpie market and colored it in!  And that worked pretty well for a little while until it got too bad.

I did go on to buy two other pairs of black boots.  But I didn't love them as much as these so my old boots lived in the back of my closet because I couldn't get myself to throw them away.

Fast forward about 3 years.  I was looking at brown boots this week and noticed many boots now have big clunky zippers on the sides that serve no purpose but for looks.  Bingo!  I could buy a zipper and place it over the peeling seam to hide the damage!  The boot was fine otherwise.

And that is what I did.

I went to Walmart, where I found two 'jacket' zippers with a big clunky silver metal zipper.  Perfect for my black boots.  I used a thick gel style super glue, and after laying the zipper on the boot to see where to cut it off, I simply glued the zipper to the side of the boot.  Be careful tucking the bottom of the zipper in tight so it looks like it's sewed in to the seam between the heel and the leather.


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