My homemade DIY fabric covered cornice board (valances) for my windows

This is one of those posts that I let the photos sit in my files and ignore them rather than type out a whole post showing I did something.  It's not really easy to type out 'instructions' when there were none and you didn't follow any.  That's how I roll, that's how I do things.

I am not precise, nor scientific.  I'm creative though and that is how my mind works.  I look at something and just start 'doing it' which is how I did this project.  If you need precise measurements, detailed instructions and hand holding, this probably isn't the best post (or website) for you!  *smile*   But if you just want to brainstorm ideas...  hopefully this will help you to move forward with some of your own fabric covered valance ideas.

I had bought these curtains that I wasn't using and although I liked the colors in my bedroom, I would have needed at least 4 panels and I only had 2.  I decided one day I should just use them for fabric and cut them up to make some sort of valance and be done with it.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I also had some spare, random pieces of styrofoam left from various packaging.

I measured the width of my windows (4)  and pieced together styrofoam to fit.  I hot glued the pieces to form half a 'box' or a cornice.

I laid my fabric on the ground to cut pieces the shape of my styrofoam, allowing extra inches all around to wrap and secure behind the foam.

I simply wrapped pieces of fabric around the foam and secured them both with hot glue and a staple gun.  I liked using the staples but because it was a straight punch and nothing to bend and secure the staples in, they pull out easily.  For that reason I used both staples and hot glue.

I wrapped the ends willy-nilly as if I was wrapping a present.

The valances were wrapped and ready to be hung.

To attach it to the wall I used my favorite 'frugal' hanging tip;  I remove the metal pop-top from a can of soda and hot glue it to the back of the shelf.  You can see a photo of this from my post about the vintage looking shelf I made for my daughter. It's the 2nd photo from the bottom.

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