Painting letters on pumpkins as an Autumn "Welcome" decoration

I originally posted this in 2009 - my, how time flies!  But it's a great idea and it's 'that time of year' again so here it is! 

A few years ago I saw a photo of a shelf or fireplace mantel with small painted pumpkins spelling out the word "Welcome". Such a simple, elegant way to decorate in an understated way for the Autumn season. I said to myself; "Oh! I should do that!" So I did. And it remains one of my favorite Fall decor ideas.

Without any instructions I just 'winged it' and it was so fun and easy that I posted it on my website two years ago. I love it so much I wanted to be sure my more recent readers got to see this fabulous idea so here it is again! Pumpkins at the store are very affordable but you can also choose to use fake pumpkins and keep this for future Fall decorating, or (my favorite idea of all) to use up all those little 'extra' pumpkins in your garden! I got my 7 pumpkins from my father-in-law who was so happy I was taking them off his hands! See if your neighbors or family members have extra in their gardens before you purchase.

If you are going to use the word "Welcome", use 7 small pumpkins. If you are going to use your last name or another greeting, use the correct number according to your needs. You can purchase a stencil at a craft store for a few dollars, but remember, this is a budget website and I don't spend money when I don't have to! Use a simple Microsoft word program (or whichever typing program would like) to write your word of choice in letters between 2-6 inches tall depending on the size of your pumpkins. I used a Vivaldi font for the letters in my photos. I cut out each letter and simply held it in place against the front of the pumpkin as I used a pen to draw around the outline of the letter, pressing hard and imprinting the letter onto the surface of the pumpkin.

Using a bronze metallic paint I had in the craft box I painted the letters on using my pen drawn outline as a guide. Finish all the pumpkins in the same way.

When you are done just line them up! You can embellish them with tiny tea-lights as I did, or use Fall leaves or other decor as you wish. So cute and so easy! Best of all? So frugal!!

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