Framed Scrapbook Paper for a Pretty Wall Decor Set

Originally, I hoped to link readers to the frame set I purchased at Michael's but their search feature leaves a lot to be desired and out of frustration I gave up.  My searches were going to projects only remotely related to the 5 pk. frame set I bought there so I will just tell my readers that Michaels had a box set of 5 frames for $20 which I found quick and easy to purchase - but you can use ANY frames for this project.  Make it what you want and what goes with your room.

When we were hosting out of state guests I was trying to rush to get a few last minute decorations up to 'finish' the rooms that have been pretty much ignored since we relocated here. (Prioritizing made these 'out of sight' rooms lower on the list than say, the kitchen, entryway, dining room, etc.).  So tight on time and money, I got creative and got it done.  This was a quick and easy fix for hanging non-personalized decor on the wall.

I opted to use a black and white theme but the awesome thing about this project is you use scrapbook paper and there are millions of designs and colors available for you to pick from!

Choose your frames
  • An odd number
  • You might want to make the center frame larger than the sides (photo above)

Choose your paper designs based on personal preference

Lay out the paper in the order you think works best for your project then frame your scrapbook paper behind the glass in the frames you chose.  I opted for 5 frames in shades of black and white, with 2 matching on each side and 1 single design in the center.  Hang on your wall in a straight line.  That's it! 

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