Covering burn spots on the bathroom counter? I used Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations

Our Java Stone Countertops

When we moved into our current home, the previous owner had apparently left her hair straightener on the white bathroom counters a little too long... there were 5 golden yellow, permanent burn spots. In the grand scheme of things this project was a lower priority on my list of projects that needed to be done around the new home, but I finally decided I could live with the ugly counters no longer!

Doing some research of what my options were, I found a lot of people were apparently given 'free' kits by Rust-Oleum to review and blog about. I was not one of those people. I not only paid for my kit, I over paid for my kit. I purchased it at a smaller "Mom and Pop" style hardware store and paid $246.00 before an additional 10% sales tax , while I later saw it at Sam's Club for about $219 and Amazon sells it for $207. The reason I bring this up is that by paying too much for this kit and not receiving it for free or even a lower price, you can bet I'll be honest in this review and if I hated it, I would tell you!

I didn't hate it.
I rather like it.
And compared to the ugly, traditional white marbleized style counters they were before?  I love it.


This product gives the illusion of granite without removing, cutting or installing a new counter.  However, unlike granite, this is a more bumpy surface.  From far away, granite look.  Up close, running your hand over it, you can feel the texture.  The kit comes with an adhesive base coat, wetting agent, protective top coat, decorative color chips, diamond-embedded sanding tool, sanding block, decorative chip dispenser, decorative chip scraper, texture sample, stir sticks, instructions, and instructional DVD.  You will have to purchase a 6" sponge roller, paint tape, a paint tray (is helpful), even an additional sanding block, as I found it wears quickly on the rough surfaces.

The kit product description:
  • Transforms old laminate countertops into the look of natural stone
  • Covers up to 50 square feet or 20 linear feet
  • Easy to use with no special skills required. Complete step-by-step instructions included.
  • Reinforced with HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection.
  • Durable surface that will last for years

They have various color options available:

Sleek and contemporary, Onyx is one of today's most-sought after colors. Onyx's black gleaming finish will modernize your kitchen and accent any decor. It perfectly complements kitchens with stark colors, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Contemporary and classic, Charcoal resembles the look of granite and will bring a new sophistication to your kitchen. It works well in kitchens with cool colors, white cabinets and/or tile floors.

Java Stone
Style, sophistication and warm richness best describe what Java Stone will add to your kitchen. This attractive neutral color works best with lighter color walls and works beautifully with every wood color and appliance style.

Desert Sand
The smooth surface of the top coat shows off specks of brown, black and white that beautifully capture the look of natural stone. Desert Sand is versatile and complements nearly every color and style of appliances and cabinets.

Pebbled Ivory

Light and dark brown specks against an attractive ivory base give Pebbled Ivory an appeal that will delight any cook. It works best with black appliances and wood cabinets as these will pull out the colors and add continuity and excitement to the kitchen.
- See more at: http://countertops.rustoleumtransformations.com/colors.php#sthash.psVKAEiw.dpuf

We chose the Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit in Java Stone.


The ugly burns the previous owner left on the bathroom counter

There was no way to fix or repair these ugly golden burns

This is after the adhesive and color chips were applied and letting it dry

Literally RIGHT after the top clear coat was applied so it's rather shiny in the photo
STEPS to the transformation

You should be able to get these at your local Lowe's Stores or other DIY however, if you can't find them, they are also available through Amazon.

Note there are small and large sizes - and a variety of colors. The small  kit below does 1 counter top.

You can also get the larger kit that covers a lot more counter space if you are doing a whole kitchen or a double bathroom, etc.

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