You can grow cucumbers vertically!

I love to grow fresh cucumbers and just one plant is typically enough to feed a family of four fresh cucumbers twice a week, but they are known for being as invasive as zucchini! One plant can creep out and spread and in the past I've had to train my cucumbers to grow outside the garden as they just got too unruly.

Two years ago I finally got smart. I typically plant my tomatoes and cucumbers next to each other so it was only natural that some of the cucumber vines started to wind their way up the tomato stands. You know, the cheap metal wire frames you push into the ground for your tomato plants to grow inside and find support. 
Only I realized that I could plant my cucumber plant in the center of it and the tendrils would grow upwards instead of taking over 10 square feet of garden space!

I didn't know if the stems of the cucumber were strong enough to support a 'hanging' cucumber but I soon found that mother nature had already prepared herself for that and yes, a cucumbers stem is more than strong enough to support the weight. For the last two years this is how I've planted my cucumbers. You can see in the top photo the healthy cucumber growing vertical and the full shot to the right of the plants that now take up about 2 square feet of space each verses 10.

Give it a try! 
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