Thank You gift for Teacher? Check out this Tea Bag Gift Bag - a creative way to package your tea

Way back in the 90's I bought this book after getting a flyer in the mail.  It was one of those deals where you order a book and suddenly they send you books ever 3 months or something like that unless you tell them to stop.  Although I stopped delivery of the books after getting 2 or 3 and realizing I wasn't using them, THIS book I used.  And used. And used.

And I'm still using it even though my 'baby' at the time (who scribbled on the inside cover) is now 17 years old!  Ha.

I used this idea one year as a gift of tea to go along with a pretty tea cup and saucer I gave as a gift.  I wanted to post it as I think it's a good gift for Mother's Day OR for a favorite teacher.

I started to type out some of the instructions to make this bag - because it's really so easy!  But the instructions from the book were lengthy and I realized many people want precise measurements and instructions (which, my brain doesn't work that way.  I see something I want to make and look at it, think about it, and then just start on my own way of achieving the final result.  I don't do well with having to read exact instructions!)   Since typing it out was a hassle I decided to just scan it.

If you click on the instructions you should see a small + sign inside a magnifying glass looking circle.  If you click on that it will make the image even larger.  You can also click on the scanned image and then right click on it to choose 'view image' and see the + sign to make it larger if you need it bigger.  It's pretty easily read how it is though I think.

Officially, I believe the book is out of print now but I checked Amazon and you can still get it from various sellers.  As of today it says availability is;  28 new from $0.11 104 used from $0.01 2 collectible from $9.99

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