Little 'bunny' bags: craft for Mom or kids

Cute... simple and frugal but children love them! With Easter just around the corner I hope to bring a few Easter and Spring ideas to the website. These little gift bags or goodie bags are perfect for everything from an April Birthday to a memento at the local Easter Egg Hunt to an easy preschool craft.

Use your own imagination but the basics to start with might be;

White lunch bags
Cotton balls or craft balls
White paper
Blue, green, 1/2" sparkles
Pipe cleaners
Hot Glue

Use sparkles for the eyes or if age appropriate opt for a crayon or marker. Use 3 pipe cleaners or half them for shorter whiskers, across the center of the bag and hot glue a cotton ball or puffy craft ball for the nose. Have the children or yourself draw and cut out teeth, leaving the black edge so they show up against the white bag.

Insert your goodies into the bag when the glue has hardened. For the top of the bag cut two scissor lines angled in to form the ears and cut in about an inch on each side of the base of the angle so you can gather the center together to close the bag. Tie this center 'stalk' with a ribbon (using a rubber band first will help hold it together well) and after attaching the ribbon, use the scissors to cut straight down about 10 times to 'shred' the stalk and make it look prettier or you can carefully cut it off short behind the ribbon.
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