Kids Crafts: Soap Clouds from a Bar of Ivory Soap

It's a fun cloud - completely made of.... soap!?

Because this blog was started over 7 years ago... and because kids don't stay little very long, the life of this blog has changed along with our life and lifestyle.  From kids crafts to DIY house remodels and decorating to sewing;  looking back over the years I can read my blog almost like a book of where I was at that stage of being a housewife, working part time outside of the home, working full time outside of the house, relocating to new cities and states, getting homes ready for market, busy with little children crafts, school bake sales and craft sales, junior high slumber party ideas, teenage room decor, frugal graduation reception ideas, saving money on vacations, groceries, doing projects involving painting, putting in patios, refinishing our deck, reupholstering chairs....   you name, I feel like we've been through it. 

This morning I realized this blog is getting ready to move on to yet another stage!  My oldest two kids are in college and I've found with both this blog as well as my recipe site, my daughter (the senior in college 1000 miles away, who rents her own home)  has started to use my websites as her 'go to' for idea's both in her weekend nanny jobs and babysitting jobs as well as cooking all the foods she grew up with me making and loves.  My personal websites to save ideas for myself to do with my kids are now being used by my kids! 

So in honor of my awesome oldest daughter, I add todays craft idea to keep the little ones busy.  It starts with two things;  a microwave and a bar of soap.  Ivory soap.  The end result is a fluffy white 'cloud' you can then play with as is, break apart into smaller pieces, smash into soap dust, or with an adults help, place in a food processor and process like pie crust with a drizzle of water just until it comes together, to form into small, fun soaps your kids can help make simply by using cookie cutters.   So many ideas!  Check out the Our Best Bites site here;  soap clouds.

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