The reviews for banana slicers are just as goofy as the idea of a... banana slicer

The reviews for these banana cutters are awesome fun

My Official Opinion
By The Lone Ranger

I have found, through all of my fruitalicious culinary voyages, that this banana slicer is exemplary! It is by far superior to other 'Posh' quality slicers I have found in my expeditions.

I have been to every country in the world searching for the perfect banana slicer,and i manged to find this slicer in the deepest corner of the frozen hell of Antarctica, (the island called Roosevelt. unfortunately, all my heaters froze, and i was left by my expedition team in the snow to die. trying to survive, i dug myself a snow cave. while i was digging, i saw a flash of yellow. i picked it up and all the snow around me melted, leaving a glowing banana slicer. i carefully took it home, and this simply unsurpassed. Some have said it is `below slicer standards', but I can assure you, it is the preeminent slicer on the market, and in the WORLD!! it also saved my life.

Thank goodness my Grandmother isn't around any longer to see how low humanity has sunk.  If she saw that we actually have, and people actually pay for a banana cutter...  she would shake her head and cluck her tongue at the lazy beings we have become.  And I don't blame her.  Seriously, by the time you peel and lay the banana out and prepare to slice, lift the slicer and remove the bananas into your bowl, you really could have sliced them with a butter knife by then and be done with it.

Still...  reading some of the reviews on Amazon has been fun!!  Here are just a couple I grabbed to show you that it seems every 3 out of 4 reviews for this product seem to be in jest.  But surprisingly, even Martha Stewert has a banana slicer!  I had no idea....  then again, I've never looked for a banana slicer before!

5.0 out of 5 stars The Ballad of Jerry Curlan
By Matthew T. Blackstone

Jerry Curlan was nice. Sensitive; had lots of friends in Washington. He also had a penchant for squeezin bananas until the goop exploded all over the place. The Fox Run 4069 solved that problem for him. He found it's zig zag edges aesthetically irresistible. So much to the point that he made the Fox Run 4069 the subject of his landmark filibuster of 2014 which he titled: "Gant Chart vs. The State of Nebraska".

2.0 out of 5 stars You're bananas if you like this- December 24, 2012
By Gary Luis

This works on regular bananas okay, but not very well on special bananas. I found it to be a little tough on my tender hands (I'm a swimmer). I definitely don't think it's worth the money unless you only eat regular bananas and don't have swimmers' hands.

You can find some serious and some goofy Banana Cutter reviews here - be sure to check out some of the other products for even more funny reviews.

You have this style, that kind of looks like a yellow ladder.  Except a banana shaped ladder.

  This one reminds me of a cheese grater I used to own.

  This one is more like a cartoon character with legs... don't ya think?

  Bright, yellow, ready to slice.  Let's just hope your banana is that exact shape or it's not going to fit very well. 

  Looks rather like a corn on the cob dish.  But with holes.  (Yes, they make those too).

  Insert your banana... and slice.

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