Our Silver and Blue Christmas Tree with Affordable Decorations!

Ornaments from dollar stores and mostly, Big Lots!

This is a super quick post as it's been a busy weekend and it's continued right into Monday morning!  But I wanted to get a new post up on the Budget Blog so without further adieu, I give you a photo of one of our Christmas trees - completely decorated with cheap, budget ornaments. 

This weekend is the weekend we put up our Christmas trees.  I say trees because this year we are doing two of them.  Years ago we bought a 12' tree as we had high ceilings to work with in our home.  When we were relocated again, that home only had 9 foot ceilings so we had to put our tree into storage and purchased a 7 foot tree.  Currently, we are in another home with cathedral ceilings and are able to use our tall tree.  But with a living room and family room, why not utilize both!?

Without decor for two trees, my daughter and I set off to find an affordable way to decorate both.  With bills, Christmas gifts, college tuition and more - who has money to deck out a second tree!?  Not us.  So... off to discount stores!

I wanted the two trees to be completely different, so I started with a fake snow flocking spray to turn our artificial green tree, a dusty, snow-covered white.  I found tiny bottles of spray snow at the dollar store, but don't buy those.  You need the large size cans; and probably about 3 of them.  I used 2 1/2 cans on the tree above (and linked to the kind I used below).  You would need about 25 of those itty bitty tiny dollar store cans but you can find the large cans at Walmart for under $2.

To decorate the tree all my decor came from Big Lots except the blue candy cans from a dollar store and one package of bulbs and a package of glitter icicles from Walmart.

Glitter snowflakes, glitter ball ornaments and glitter icicles were purchased in three different shades; baby blue, turquoise and a darker turquoise.  I love the various shades of blue with the silver, it turned out beautiful.  And so affordable!  Packages of balls were all bought in tubs and tubes (never, ever buy ornaments individually - even at a $1 each you will spend too much!  You are going to need about 75 to completely cover a tree!).

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