The Latest and Greatest for Kids Backpacks are Crazy! Bubbles and Spikes! 3D Backpacks?

Mad Pax - Bubble 3D Backpack
 My kids are all past the elementary age so I admit I wasn't paying attention to the 'must have' backpack this year.  Well, I was, but the 'must have' backpack for my teenage daughter was sea foam or coral - not bubbles and spikes.

I first saw a spiked backpack in a "First Day of School" photo by a very well known actress who had posted it on Twitter.  I had to do a double take when I saw spikes coming out of the back of her son's backpack.  Suddenly, I noticed them everywhere!   Everywhere except in stores that is.    But Brookstone has them!  Not only spikes, bubbles... and in pretty much ANY COLOR you can imagine.  If your child has been asking for the latest and greatest - and it's in your budget, you can find them by clicking through any of the images.

Buy the Mad Pax - Bubble 3D Backpack online @ Brookstone.com. Great for kids of ALL ages!


   Mad Pax - Bubble 3D Backpack   Mad Pax - Bubble 3D Backpack       Mad Pax - Bubble 3D Backpack 
Or Spikes....

 Mad Pax - Spiketus Rex Nibbler 3D Backpack     Mad Pax - Spiketus Rex Nibbler 3D Backpack   Mad Pax - Spiketus Rex 3D Backpack 

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