Marais Dining Table and Marais Side Chairs in Ivory Linen

Our Marais Dining Table and Side Chairs

I saw these photos in my computer files and wondered if I hadn't posted them to my site yet?  I thought I had... but because time is short today and I want to be quick, I'm going forgo checking thru my old posts and go ahead and post it.  

After a lot of researching and debating when it came time for a dining room table and chairs, I opted for the Marais model.  The color was what I was looking for and the style of wood because it does not look like Oak or other any typical, everyday wood.  It's a wonderful taupe color that went perfectly with the silvery light fixture in the room.

I ordered it through Home Decorators (which the links to the products below are shipped from Home Decorators by-way of Amazon).  First the table.   It arrived very well packaged - I was impressed by that.  It was quick and easy to put together.  It has a washed look to it so the minor flaws or finish issues are really not issues in the end because it adds to the over all look.  If you are looking for a very fancy, shiny and high end table, this isn't it.  There are some edges that look rubbed and the finish isn't even everywhere.  This is the look of the 'washed out oak' in the description though. 

Now the chairs.  This might be the only place where I hesitate.  Arriving well packaged, I have nothing bad to say about that!  However, the quality of the wood and workmanship in in question.  The chairs are $159 each and for that, you wouldn't think any would be split but one was.   I have put a photo below.  We debated going through the hassle of contacting the company, waiting for paperwork and labels and going through the red tape of sending 1 back and decided to just glue it with a Gorilla glue.  This is our dining room - not the the kitchen - and this table would not be getting every day use.   The second issue is only seen from the bottom;  the application of the finish.  To give it a weathered look a darker glaze is applied to the stain.  Under the chair you can see drops, drips and dark marks.  But I doubt any guest will look under their chair!  The chairs are really quite beautiful.  However...  with the first use, another chair snapped where a crack at the joint between the leg and chair joined.   Again, we Gorilla glued it.  But 2 snapped legs on 6 chairs isn't good odds.  Especially if this is a set you plan to use often.  

Finish is a little messy but who would look under your chair?

Cracks in the joints where the legs meet the chair. One cracked upon arrival.  A second snapped with first use.

Still, in general I love this set.  I love the look of it and a little Gorilla glue on your chair leg joints reinforces them and makes them incredibly sturdy for everyday use.   The ivory material is a good linen color.  I keep a pet hair brush handy to clean them of dust and any stray cat hairs. 


Marais Dining Table, 3O"HX80"W, WASHED OAK
Marais 71" Dining Table, 30"HX71"WX41"D, WASHED OAK
Marais Side Chair, 38"Hx25"W, SOLID IVORY
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