Believe... Dream... Smile.... Painted Wall Words

You can purchase motivational words for your walls and spend $8 - $10 each or... you can head to your local craft store and look for unfinished wood, cutout words.  This is what my daughter and I did when we were at our local Michael's craft store for large wooden letters for her bathroom, but saw these motivational and positive words in a cute font that we knew would look great in our upstairs loft area.

Unfinished words, cut by a scroll saw and ready for you to apply or hang as wish are easily painted and decorated any way you can think of.  From glitter and glue to sparkles and bling or just a basic paint of coat as we opted for.

Approximately $1.99 each means you are saving between $6 - $10 per word; and when making a word cloud on the wall, that can add up to big bucks quickly! 

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