Poo Bag Container - DIY for Dog Waste Bags

Just because it's such an overwhelming part of my life this week, today we have another "puppy" post.

As we started to house train the puppies we were taking them to one area of the yard.  We had thunderstorms off and on during the first few days and the poo smell was getting strong as the rain would pound it before we could get it up, making it more like piles of smelly sand or dirt instead of little pieces able to be picked up.

We had purchased a package of scented poo bags to take on walks and such but I decided to take them out with me when I take the dogs out so I can immediately pick up the poo - even in the rain - so the yard does not smell.

While I loved the idea, I needed a container.  Suddenly I thought about baby wipes and how they pop out of the top of a container.  Perfect!  I made this Puppy Poo Bag Container in about 3 minutes and I love it!  Works like a charm.

Puppy Poo Bag Container

1 empty container with lid (any kind will do!  I used an empty Gelato container)
1 hammer
1 nail, screw, screwdriver or anything to punch a hole in the lid
1 package plastic poo-baggies (available for purchase; Dog Waste Bags)

Punch a hole in the top of the lid.  I used a heavy duty scissors to cut the piece out after using a screwdriver to punch about 4 - 5 holes and make a dime sized opening.  Insert one roll of dog waste bags into the bottom of the container and push the first bag up through the hole.  Screw the lid on with about 2 inches of the dog waste bag hanging out the top like a kleenex container.  Pull up and off as needed.

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