A quick, beaded tie dyed shirt

A group of teenage girls, an outdoor concert and the plan to wear matching tie-dyed shirts... all individualized by the cutting and beading designs.

That was the plan this weekend and it was so quick and easy I thought I'd pass the idea along.

The beading at the bottom of the shirt

1 tie-dyed t-shirt
1 packet of cheap plastic beads (about a dollar)

The girls all dyed the shirts together after school one day.  That was the last time their shirts all matched, as they all took their shirts home to bead and cut them.  My daughter had an idea of what she wanted (full front, small cap sleeve, off the shoulder and the back cut and hanging in a droop.  In the end, that is exactly what she did, and she was thrilled.

Have your tie-dyed shirt ready and dry. Here we have cut off the neckline and the sleeves.

After putting a few slices in the back of the shirt, we prepare to cut and bead

Using a ruler, I place a dot every half inch.  She sliced up about 4 inches to each dot.

She decided to bead every other strip together with beads and tied a knot in the bottom.

Ready for her outdoor concert!

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